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You can find our customers’ stories on Spacent solutions below. Each of them introduces a different case, so we encourage you to take a look at them all!


Solutions in use: Own office and external coworking locations wrapped into one package


“We decreased our office capacity during COVID to ensure safer working conditions and secure distances for those who wanted to work in the office. With Spacent’s service we can manage our own space capacity easily and also provide options for those who couldn’t fit into the office.”

Bridge Impact

Solutions in use: Spacent membership and office from Spacent’s space partner JUJU Business Campus


“The process of finding the right space and deploying Spacent was incredibly smooth – two weeks after the first call we had the contracts signed, the move to new premises underway and the Spacent App running.”


Solutions in use: Own office and external locations to support a growing, international organization


Companies usually don’t write references about themselves, but we think it is a great opportunity to share what we have learned and how it has helped us make better product for our customers and ourselves.

Turku Technology Properties

Solutions in use: Offering their own spaces for being reserved by their own tenants


Spacent app displays the real-time situation of the usage quotas for different space types included in the tenants’ membership agreement making it easy for Werstas clients to follow and manage their usage.

Consulting IT

Solutions in use: External coworking locations to support mobile work


“We work with recruiting and staffing, so it provides a great advantage for us that we’re able to work from various locations. I usually plan my days 2 to 3 days in advance. It is in the interest of all my colleagues to have your own calendar that your colleagues can book themselves into as needed, so it’s extremely easy!”

Forum Virium Helsinki

Solutions in use: Management of office space together with statistics to support decision-making 


”Spacent is an innovative, Finnish platform for workspace reservations, and a concept that is ideal for companies of all sizes. The implementation of the system was straightforward, and the customer service and support has been prompt and professional – they’ve found solutions and answers to all of our questions.”

Short stories from other clients

“I used to be a client of two different coworking locations. However, I noticed soon that two locations was not enough when I started to have clients all around the city. With Spacent, I’m able to find a space to focus on my work near my clients. In addition, the app is very easy to use. As a freelancer, I have been extremely happy with Spacent”


Roope Muhonen


“The project with Spacent in OOPS campus gave us insights for the potential of utilizing shared resources extensively. It provided us with tools to identify the potential and a conceptual opportunity to increase the market value of the project. It also opened up possibilities to create savings and more flexible environment for the occupiers.”


Petri Bergström

NCC PD Finland

“Joining the platform is incredibly easy and opens our offering to a wide range of new customers. The advanced technology and an excellent user experience are the things that differentiate Spacent and are a good ground for collaboration!”


Joonas Tuomivaara

Head of Sales
Epicenter Helsinki

Reference clients

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