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By being part of Spacent’s network, UNITY increased its visibility and got more guests.

UNITY - Hammarby Sjöstad

In 2022, most of us have heard the term coworking and it has never been as hot as it is today. Something that more and more people see as a great benefit when it comes to choosing an employer. Finding a sustainable solution for remote work combined with everyday life is more important than ever.


A place that really breathes the concept of coworking is UNITY in Hammarby Sjöstad. I met Louise Bjurenvall at their fantastic facility where she talked about their concept and how they experience the benefits of being a part of the Spacent network.



Hi Louise, what is your role at UNITY?


Louise: I work as Commercial Manager for UNITY Sweden, which means that I have the main responsibility to ensure that we are seen in the right channels and to drive the company’s sales. We offer both coworking and coliving, which means you can live and work under the same roof. For example, you can use our public areas such as the roof terrace, courtyard, gym, café, and bar.


UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad is located in a beautiful old turbine hall that has been renovated for the modern generation of workers. The venue is wonderfully light and airy with ten-meter-high ceilings. Modern and stylish interior, created by British award-winning designer Tom Dixon. It’s an incredibly inspiring place that really invites both networking and creativity. Here you can find everything from lounge areas to your own private office. Telephone booth, meeting room with all modern technology (even a small cinema if you wish), shared kitchen, free coffee, and tea, lounges. If you wish to work out in the gym or calm your body with yoga or mindfulness, this is also available at UNITY.



Before UNITY started using Spacent, how did your average workday look?


Louise: We marketed ourselves locally with our sales to be able to reach out into the local area to the businesses and residents around here. It was difficult to create knowledge about who we are and what we do. The help from Spacent and the tailored campaign that we did, really helped to get people and businesses nearby to see us as a coworking space but also as a coliving space.

Spacent is very good at tailoring campaigns and solutions based on the host’s location and surroundings. Being able to pinpoint what works for each specific facility – I’m impressed!

Louise: After the campaign – we have new guests who come here to work every day. Your knowledge and service have played an important role for us there. With the Spacent app, our guests can quickly and easily book their space and work together with like-minded people in our inspiring environment – without committing to long-term contracts.



What were your challenges before you started collaborating with Spacent?


Louise: We opened in an ongoing pandemic, we’re not part of a large chain and people didn’t really understand who we are and what we do. In addition to cowork (uWork), we also have apartments here in Hammarby Sjöstad. We simply had a hard time reaching out and getting people and companies to understand what we are. The campaign we did with Spacent has really helped there. Spacent is very good at tailoring campaigns and solutions based on the host’s location and surroundings. Being able to pinpoint what works for each specific facility – I’m impressed! Spot on!



What’s your advice to those who are thinking of starting to use our service? Both as users and as hosts.


Louise: To users – take the opportunity to try out what it’s like to work here, find your favorite place, and the flexibility you get by being able to choose your place for the day is really good.


Louise: To hosts – Spacent is skilled and fast when it comes to marketing, they pinpoint and tailor every campaign and solution for the facility based on the location and conditions that exist. Something worth trying!


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