160 coworking spaces in 60 cities. With one membership.

Workspaces as a service


Enable working from our operated offices in over 60 cities in the Nordics. Support for individual work, teamwork and sales, all in one service.

Employees & freelancers

Are you looking for a workspace, meeting room or a private office? You can use our quality spaces from over 160 different locations when and wherever you need them.

Space providers

Effortless additional income to underutilized spaces through our technology. Possibility to sell your unused space with Spacent users or your selected partners.

For employers

"During the last couple of years, the number of Wolt’s employees has grown substantially and at the same time the need for using offices has changed. Forecasting the space needs is more difficult than ever, since remote working has become a routine for many. With Spacent we can offer our employees better options to work from anywhere - also in cities where we don’t have offices of our own."

- Susan Vättö, Office Manager, Wolt

6 ways how Spacent supports companies

Organisation benefits

  • More flexibility
    Use flexible workspace services in the changing situation

  • Control space costs
    Choose a smaller fixed office and replace satellite offices with Spacent service

  • Mitigate environmental effects
    Decreasing office footprint is the largest environmental act for knowledge companies

Employee benefits

  • Freedom of choice
    Let your employees choose from over 160 coworking options

  • Support productivity
    Working from home is not a good option for all (disturbances, isolation, ergonomics, work-life balance) and mobile worker benefit from our broad network

  • Inspiring benefit
    Access to inspiring workspaces to support work-life balance is an appreciated benefit for knowledge workers.

For employees and freelancers

"I used to be a client of two different coworking locations. However, I noticed soon that two locations was not enough when I started to have clients all around the city. With Spacent, I'm able to find a space to focus on my work near my clients. In addition, the app is very easy to use. As a freelancer, I have been extremely happy with Spacent."

- Roope Muhonen, Baboon.fi

Download your mobile app!

The Spacent App is super easy to take into use, and we offer a 3-day free trial straight in the app.


Just download the app, register and choose the membership which automatically starts with the trial – which you can cancel anytime. You can also choose our free plan, which allows you to book spaces and only pay-per-use.

Tip your employer!

Did you know that Spacent coworking pass is also an employee benefit, which is provided by employers who want to invest in their people’s wellbeing. If you are interested in working in one or more Spacent locations according to your needs, you can download our report and send it to your employer, or tip about your employer to us directly at hello@spacent.com

For space operators

We are proud to collaborate with quality space providers in the Nordics. Become part of our Spacent family today and list your space without costs and long term commitments!

Unused desks in your coworking space? Want to share excess space in your own office? Looking to ease the pain of intense management of shared spaces? We got you.

Save time, get paid

We will do the work for you – you just sit back and get paid monthly based on the usage of your spaces.

More customers

Open your spaces to thousands of Spacent users or selected partners and attract new customers.

It's free

Joining the platform is always free – no fixed fees or set-up costs.


Our service is using a streaming service logic to office spaces. That is the reason why we are more affordable, flexible and versatile than normal coworking memberships or renting offices. Our clients will have one fixed cost subscription and the spaces can be used when and wherever, as much as you need.

Business Coworking Pass

For teams with 1-10 people, starting from


250 €

+ VAT 24% / mo.


4995 kr

+ VAT 25% / mo.

Get in touch

We are ready and waiting to hear from you!


Contact us today with your office space needs. Find out more about our coworking passes, own office booking service, request a demo or discuss listing your space with us. One of the team will be able to help right away.

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