Spacent services

We offer solutions for all workspace needs, whether for one-time or permanent use.

We make hybrid work easy by offering workspaces, meeting rooms and private offices 230 locations in the Nordics and Europe. You can book spaces wherever and whenever needed, offer flexibility for your teams and cut you carbon footprint, all for a cost-efficient price. We collaborate with space providers to find the most suitable fixed offices and flexible network of workspaces for our customers.

When looking for a space

Coworking Passes

Coworking Pass that provides unlimited hot desk bookings for businesses of all sizes and freelancers. Choose a Basic Pass, Business Coworking Pass for 1-5 or 6-10 users, or let us personalize a Business+ package for your larger company. Enjoy unlimited access to over 230 locations and all Spacent member benefits.

Team rooms and part-time offices

Book a private space for your team for a day, and invite colleagues to join. If your team frequently needs a room, you can choose a team room package or turn your team room booking into a more regular part-time office setup.


Designed to enhance and support collaboration in hybrid teams.

HQ bookings

You can add your own office spaces to Spacent app and easily let your employees reserve spaces from there. Find out who will be in the office when you plan to go. Integrate your meeting rooms with Spacent’s system to use both your current reservation system and the Spacent app.


You can easily add coworking spaces, meeting rooms, or workspaces abroad to your work environment using the same application.

Meeting room packages

If your team frequently needs meeting rooms, take advantage of our discounted meeting room packages. Choose from 20, 45, or 100 hours of meeting rooms for up to 10 people, all at a fixed price with no surprises.


Often combined with a Business Coworking Pass.


Book workspaces and meeting rooms for a day through our application. Check availability, opening hours, and prices on the Spacent app. All payments are processed directly through the application and can be made using a card.

Analytics and data

We offer an analytics dashboard that provides real-time insights into your company’s use of coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and offices – whichever service you have.


In addition, we offer optimization simulations to assist companies in planning their future work environments. We provide calculations on how much your company could save on CO2 emissions, and reduce fixed office space and commuting costs with a flexible workspace model.

Space operators

List your space

Unused desks in your coworking space? Want to share excess space in your own office, but only with your partners? Listing your space at Spacent’s platform is free, quick and opens your space for more customers and income.


There is no space too big or small – we welcome you to share your shared space, private space, serviced or not serviced, coworking or project space to be booked by Spacent users.

Landlord services

We collaborate with property owners like eQ, Turku Technology Properties, and Castellum to provide building owners with a product that offers flexible spaces, meeting rooms, and a reservation system for their tenants.


We integrate with common access and booking systems, and handle billing for our clients.

Interested to learn more?

Explore locations

Spacent users can book spaces from over 230 locations in the Nordics and Europe. Explore the spaces and find your favourite ones.

Contact us

If you are unsure which service suits you the best, we’re happy to help. You can either email us at or fill out a contact form and we will contact you shortly.