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How DNA solved hybrid work with Spacent: “Our empty office space pays for our coworking”


DNA is one of Finland’s leading telecommunication corporations and employes about 1600 professionals, whose work is focused on customer experience in line with DNA’s strategy.


While the lively discussions on how to get people back into the office is still going on in majority of the companies, some organizations have taken on an initiative to try new, innovative ways to arrange hybrid work.


One of these companies is DNA, who is offering their employees a possibility to use Spacent, which allows access to over 130 coworking locations in the Nordics. Spacent service supports DNA employees’ remote work, coming together with a team in inspiring locations and in cities, where they don’t have their own office.

“Spacent is one of DNA’s concrete ways of improving the remote work experience of the personnel and contributing to the wellbeing of our staff”

In addition to this, Spacent provides companies with a technology to list their unused office spaces for sales as hot desks and meeting rooms, minimizing administration and managing of the bookings. DNA listed a part of their own office, hot desks and meeting rooms, for sales for Spacent users.


With the additional income coming from the office space in Helsinki CBD area, DNA is able to provide coworking spaces for all of their employees around Finland, without adding to their monthly space costs.


DNA’s personnel survey from May 2021 showed that few (20%) DNA employees are in a hurry to get into the office and the importance of remote working to the individual has become significant. Approximately 70% of the personnel expect to work at the office only one or two days a week in the future.

“We want to provide employee benefits that contribute in making everyday life easier”, explains Jaakko Happo, VP of Treasury and Administration at DNA.

The combination of selling unused space and using coworking has been a success. While increasing the utilization of DNA’s own office, DNA can support their employees in finding the best way to work for them. In the long run, this enables larger scale cost savings in fixed spaces. Their favorite locations in addition to the city center are Valo Hotel & Work, Ofisio in Kuopio, Avia Club in Vantaa and occasionally some visits are made in Tallinn as well.

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