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Elderly home care startup Gubbe supporting employees’ wellbeing with Spacent


Gubbe is a platform that connects students to elderly who need help with housework, staying active, transportation, technology lessons and more. It is the best solution for finding help & companionship for an elderly loved one.


Gubbe was named as one of the hottest startups in Europe by WIRED in October – again. And no wonder, since Gubbe is making a real impact on people’s lives. Gubbe is working to bring more meaning to the lives of our elderly and also supporting youngsters to do meaningful and important work.


Gubbe is also taking excellent care of their Gubbes. Working community is very social and supportive, but also very flexible. Gubbe has decided to offer their employees the benefit of flexible work with Spacent, both in Finland and in Sweden. Like many young, growing companies, Gubbe gives their employees a possibility to work wherever they want. Hybrid work is led with trust towards the employees.

“Flexible work plays a big part in our culture – as long as the work gets done, it does not matter where you are! Right at this moment some of the employees are working abroad and we are proud to be able to support that with quality workspaces.”

Gubbe is not only taking good care of their tribe, but also the environment. Providing workspaces near people’s homes decreases commuting and by providing flexible, on-demand workspace to support the growing team, Gubbe enables more efficient use of their fixed square meters. This way Gubbe is adopting a scalable office solution to support their growth.

”Gubbe office is in Otaniemi in Finland, but many of Gubbe’s employees live in other cities in Finland. Spacent gives them a chance to have an alternative to the home office. In Sweden we use Spacent daily” says Rosalie Bergman, B2B Sales Manager at Gubbe.

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