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Spacent has provided Gofore with needed flexible buffer to office use


Gofore, an expert in digital transformation, software development, and technology, has found great value in using Spacent’s platform for their flexible workspace needs. Gofore is also well known for being one of the most attractive employers in Finland. As a company with a policy that allows their employees to work from anywhere, Spacent has been an essential tool in enabling Gofore’s workforce to seamlessly book and access on-demand workspaces across multiple locations.


During Covid-19 pandemic the number of Gofore employees increased significantly. Remote work became a part of daily life and the number of online meetings exploded. After these changes, the use of the office needed some new tools to support the changed way of working. Gofore made a collaborative space in their own office in Kamppi available for bookings through Spacent for their own employees, giving them an up-to-date situation of free space and visibility to their colleagues’ bookings as well. Soon after that, other Gofore offices in Finland were also added to the Spacent app for employees to book.


During the pandemic, Gofore also piloted allowing their employees to work from workspaces near their homes. Soon after the pilot period, Gofore wanted to emphasize also the possibility of flexibly using private offices and meeting rooms and decided to add a bundle of meeting room hours to their monthly plan.



Eventually their tailored solution ended up consisting of:


  • Own offices spaces where you can book your seat through Spacent
  • Spacent network for on-demand workspace
  • Meeting room package for the steady need of meeting rooms through Spacent


While the majority of active Spacent use has been in the Helsinki Metropolitan area, it has also been widely used in other parts of Finland, offering a flexible seat or a meeting room wherever, and whenever needed.

“Spacent has been an excellent added value service for our very versatile flex workspace needs.”

According to Leanna Haarni, “Spacent has been an excellent added value service for our very versatile flex workspace needs. With their platform, we have been able to use on-demand spaces when we need to, with reasonable costs. Our Kamppi office has been quite busy occasionally and Spacent has provided a needed buffer for our office use.”


Overall, Spacent has allowed Gofore to provide their employees with the flexibility they need to work effectively. The platform has provided Gofore with the ability to optimize its workspace needs and use space more efficiently, which has also led to significant cost savings. The active dialog with employees has also helped to further develop the service to suit their needs.

“We’re excited to continue working with Spacent to find new ways to improve our workspace solutions”

“Spacent has been a very much-needed addition to our pool of services, that offers our employees the flexibility they need to work effectively and professionally, whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go. We’re excited to continue working with Spacent to find new ways to improve our workspace solutions,” says Leanna Haarni from Gofore.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Spacent can help your company optimize your workspace, reduce costs, and increase flexibility for your team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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