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Consulting IT is a Swedish company specialized in recruiting and conveying consultants and staff working in various IT fields, e.g. support, infrastructure, data, management and security. They aim to invest and care for their employees by providing them the best tools possible.


As their recruiting and client meetings are held in constantly changing places, Spacent ensures that the day-to-day operations of Consulting IT run as smoothly as possible by providing them the flexibility to work in various locations. With their Shared Memberships, Consulting IT currently has all the Spacent locations in the Nordics at their disposal.

“It provides a great advantage for us that we’re able to work from various locations.”


“We work with recruiting and staffing, so it provides a great advantage for us that we’re able to work from various locations – partly because our staff lives all around Stockholm but also because it allows us to meet candidates where it is the most convenient for them,” Consulting IT’s CEO Robin Mohlander explains.


In order to deliver the high-quality service that Consulting IT prides itself in, it is vital to have committed and passionate employees. Consulting IT understands that by investing in their employees, the employees in turn invest in the customers. Knowing that this is the best way to ensure the best possible service, Consulting IT chose to invest in their employees and provide them the flexibility and freedom to move around the city and work in various locations with the Spacent App.


Mohlander describes the App as user-friendly. “I usually plan my days 2 to 3 days in advance. It is in the interest of all my colleagues to have your own calendar that your colleagues can book themselves into as needed,” he says and then adds, “so it’s extremely easy!”


Besides being easy to use, the Spacent App makes finding the location of your team members straightforward. This functionality is also highly beneficial for the needs of Consulting IT as their staff travels and works on various schedules all around the city.

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