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Teampilot working hybrid with Spacent in Sweden and internationally


TeamPilot is a Swedish company that connects developers and tech consults with companies in the Nordics. They have over 15 years of experience in matching talent to remote-work opportunities, including startups and scale-ups.


TeamPilot operates in a fully remote working environment, however, working from home can sometimes be challenging. That’s why Spacent’s Business Coworking Pass is a great alternative for TeamPilot’s employees. The pass provides access to various coworking locations, meeting rooms, and workshop facilities. TeamPilot’s team has found the networking and community aspects of various Spacent locations to be particularly beneficial compared to working alone from home. Teampilot team has been mainly using Spacent locations in Gothenburg in Sweden, and they’ve especially adored United Spaces locations in Gothenburg! 

“Spacent’s international service supports our team abroad as we expand our company to Europe.”

The Coworking Pass offers great flexibility and freedom, which promotes work-life balance and employee well-being,” says John Canneborg, Co-founder & COO of TeamPilot. Thanks to Spacent, their team saves time on daily commutes, can work more efficiently, and grow easily around Europe. With the option to book needed workspaces, the team experiences less stress, as they can always find a suitable workspace. The flexible office solution has been a great help in supporting the team’s productivity and well-being.


Spacent’s international service supports our team abroad as we expand our company to Europe”, tells Cannerborg, “When talking about expanding business, the cost-efficiency of their Business Coworking Pass is also a notable bonus”. 


“To sum it up, Spacent is the best office solution for us, as it is easy to use, offers flexible workspaces, and is cost-efficient”, sums up Canneborg.

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