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Using Spacent to control the use of the own office

Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki is an innovation company and part of the City of Helsinki group. It co-creates digital services with companies, universities, other public sector organizations and the residents of Helsinki. Forum Virium Helsinki’s mission is to make Helsinki the most functional smart city in the world.

Spacent provides Forum Virium Helsinki a platform for managing reservations for desks and meeting rooms in their office, and statistics on their office space usage.

”With the challenges brought up by the Covid-19, we recognized a new need to be able to reserve work desks in addition to meeting rooms, in order to gather usage data and office utilization rates for future workplace decisions,” says the CIO of Forum Virium Helsinki, Juhani Kantola.

“The implementation of the Spacent system into our office and for our people was super quick and easy and it integrated to all of our existing systems and calendars.”


“Our people have been very happy with the fact that now they can manage all their reservations in one place. The Spacent service is very flexible for our changing needs and in the same package we also get to use the workspaces in the Spacent network!” praises Kantola.

Forum Virium Helsinki started to use Spacent in the summer of 2021, and after that approximately 60 employees have made their daily desk and meeting room reservations through Spacent and it has become a part of their daily office life.

Forum Virium Helsinki is an innovator and an initiator of a new kind of cooperation between companies, public sector, organizations and citizens. The aim is to create internationally competitive services that are based on the real needs of users. Forum Virium Helsinki looks for radical and systemic innovations, takes risks and learns from challenges. For Forum Virium Helsinki, Spacent is one of these innovations.

“The customer service and support has been prompt and professional – they’ve found solutions and answers to all of our questions.”


”Spacent is an innovative, Finnish platform for workspace reservations, and a concept that is ideal for companies of all sizes. The implementation of the system was straightforward, and the customer service and support has been prompt and professional – they’ve found solutions and answers to all of our questions,” Juhani Kantola adds.

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