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For the good of the people, planet and productivity.

Is your current workplace perfect for your employees? Chances are you have too little or too much space in suboptimal locations. Traditional leasing is not very flexible and commitments are long. People are meeting customers or working from home while the average office utilization during working hours is 40-50%. This isn’t just costly. It’s unsustainable.

We give you the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of your own fixed location, supported by a broad network of flexible, easy-to-use offices and other shared resources.

Our Solutions

Access our 230+ professional remote offices for working, when and wherever you need to

Unlock cost savings and support your employees with Spacent’s hybrid workplace platform

Add unused office spaces as a part of Spacent network for effortless additional sales

We are trusted by our clients

Fully integrated service

Spacent is not a listing service. We integrate to your booking and access control systems to automate administration and work to ensure the best customer experience.

Not only coworking

We offer a variety of spaces from coworking to institutional landlords and university partners, allowing you to integrate to a community that matches your interests.

We are a secure partner

We are responsible for all the agreements both with our users and our space providers. We secure the quality of the service to our customers in both sides.

This is what we do

Save up to 40% from your current office costs

We offer an option to utilise flexible offices as a part of your workplace strategy while simultaneously supporting your employees and saving costs. Read more on how to implement cost-efficient and flexible workspaces.

Why choose only one coworking space when you could have them all?

We offer some of the best coworking spaces in one service, meaning you only need one subscription to use them all. Get to know how we differ from a traditional coworking membership here.

Mix and match fixed headquarters with freedom to work from anywhere

Finding your own headquarters can be a struggle. We help our customers to find the perfect office for rent. Learn how to determine your optimal office size that supports your Work From Anywhere strategy.

For property owners and landlords

Are your tenants asking for more flexibility to their lease agreement? Do you have shared spaces but struggle to manage the administration of shared space packages and reservations? Spacent provides a service for landlords to create a pool of shared spaces for tenants, manage the bookings and invoicing for the flexible use of space across the whole portfolio. Flexibility in office solutions is a competitive advantage, but heavy in administration. Spacent technology enables easy management and tailored offering, and a ready user interface for the tenants.

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