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Spacent makes office solutions of all sizes more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient. With our service, your company’s employees can easily use workspaces and meeting rooms from 240+ locations in more than 77 cities in addition to their own office premises. We also open new cities based on client needs.

Hybrid work has changed the requirements of modern offices. One benefit is that you most likely need less space than you think, and you can decrease your office costs by up to 40% while improving employee wellbeing

Together with our experts you can determine the ideal size for your future office. We can also help you find a vacant office from our network of space partners, and offer discounts to serviced and furnished office spaces. Contact our team to start your journey towards the future of office for free.

Why rent an office through Spacent?

Determine the actual office size needed.

We help you calculate how much space your organisation actually needs in order to support hybrid work.


Access a wide range of options easily.

We reach out several space providers on your behalf.


Finding the office is completely free.

We help you find the office for free, and there are no commitments.

Decrease your office costs and CO2 emissions.

Combining Spacent Coworking Pass with your fixed office can significantly decrease your office costs and CO2 emissions.


Increase the flexibility of your office solution.

Increase, or decrease, your office capacity when you need to.


Improve employee satisfaction.

Shorter commuting times by choosing the best place to work from.

Some of our space partners

“The process of finding the right space and deploying Spacent was incredibly smooth. It was great that the cooperation with the two parties [Spacent and the JUJU Business Campus] was open and flexible, and the needs of Bridge Impact were taken into account to find the best solution.”

- Kari Paananen, CEO at Bridge Impact

Flexible office solutions for companies of all sizes

For freelancers

Option 1: Office room for one person

Rent a private office room for yourself from a selected location. We help you by asking for the availability and options from multiple space partners or you can book directly from our app.


The price for 1 person office room starts from 500€ / month.


Option 2: Spacent Coworking Pass

Work from 240+ coworking and remote workspaces in 77 cities. Coworking Pass includes unlimited bookings to hot desks, and additionally, you can book meeting rooms and pay based on use.


Price for Spacent Basic Coworking Pass: 195€ / month, including VAT.

For smaller teams

Office room for 2-10 people + Spacent Coworking Pass

Rent an office room that fits several people from one of our space partners. We reach out to several space providers to find the best fit for your needs. By combining your office rooms with Spacent Coworking Pass you can save on fixed office costs by renting a smaller room, and providing on-demand workspaces during rush hours. And your team gets the opportunity to work from anywhere!


Price for office room starting from 750€ / month.


Prices for Spacent Business Coworking Pass (incl. unlimited bookings for all users):

Up to 5 people: 300€ / mo. + VAT
Up to 10 people: 600€ / mo. + VAT

For larger teams

We help you calculate the ideal office size based on your employees’ remote work habits and locations. We can also estimate different office scenarios’ commuting times and CO2 impact. Based on the findings, we provide you options for up to 20-person offices with our space partners or guide you in your search for a larger space.


Combine your new office with Spacent’s Business+ Coworking Pass for cost savings and flexibility. Provide on-demand workspaces during peak office use, enabling employees to work closer to home. Our team features also facilitate efficient face-to-face work planning.


For Business+ Coworking Pass pricing, contact our team.

For enterprises

As for larger teams, we determine your ideal office solution and tailor our Business+ Coworking Pass to provide flexibility and cost-savings.


Enterprises with satellite offices in multiple cities and even countries can also streamline their office portfolio with us. Substitute your fixed office spaces with our Business+ Coworking Pass, which allows your employees to work from 77 cities in 19 countries.


We also expand together with our customers! Based on your needs we can open new cities and even countries, making international expansion easier for you and for us.


Contact our team for tailored office solution.

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Who and where we are

Spacent is a Nordic startup aiming to change the world by disrupting the way people think about the space where they work. Our vision is to achieve the most sustainable use possible of the space we have already built.

We use streaming service logic to office spaces. That is the reason why we are more affordable, flexible and versatile than normal coworking memberships or renting offices. Our clients will have one fixed cost subscription and the spaces can be used when and wherever, as much as you need.

Welcome to the future of office.