Looking for new office space?

Whatever the size of the solution you are looking for, we have some good news for you: you'll most likely need less space than you think. 

You can decrease the number and size of your own offices by using Spacent's 110 coworking locations to provide spaces during rush hours at the office. We help our customers to find a solution that supports the people and the whole organisation. With Spacent you can get discounts through our partners to serviced and furnished office spaces. 

Spacent in the Nordics & Baltics

Our network covers the whole Finland, most of Sweden and the Tallinn area in Estonia.



Work stations



Meeting rooms



Project spaces



More added based on demand

Why don't I need more space?

Approximately 70 % of knowledge workers want to continue working remotely, at least some days of the week. We are living the transformation period towards more hybrid working and even the employees are not sure how they want to arrange their work in the future. 


That's why we need to re-evaluate the assumptions, which we base our workplace and office solutions on. A lease agreement term is typically a minimum of 2 years of commitment and expanding the office is often expensive, unnecessary, and a significant burden for the environment. 

The office solution of the future is to combine a smaller and more functional office to Spacent Membership, which provides flexible workstations for changing needs. 

1. Flexibility.png

More flexibility

Use Spacent's over 110 locations to create flexibility for you

2. costs.png

Lower your costs

Pay for only the space you need, not for the space you might need

Increase utilisation

Actively used office is more appealing than an empty one


Already have an office, but in need of more flexibility?

Spacent Coworking Pass

Starting from

250 € 

+ VAT 24 % / mo.

4495 kr 

+ VAT 25 % / mo.

Unlimited use of workstations in over 110 Spacent locations, for all employees. Price is calculated based on the number of employees.

  Access to all Spacent locations

✔  Pay-per-use meeting rooms

✔  Management Tool and user analytics

✔ Own office booking tool

  30 day's notice

Looking for a whole new office solution?

Spacent Coworking Pass
+ own office from the network

In addition to your Coworking Pass, we'll find you an office space suitable for your needs from our network of space partners. 

Includes Spacent membership, and:

Discounts on office prices

 Simulations on office space needs

 Meeting room packages

✔ Listing own spaces for sales in Spacent

What our customers say about renting an office through Spacent?

“The process of finding the right space and deploying Spacent was incredibly smooth. It was great that the cooperation with the two parties [Spacent and the JUJU Business Campus] was open and flexible, and the needs of Bridge Impact were taken into account to find the best solution."

Kari Paananen
CEO, Bridge Impact


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