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Save up to 40 % of your space costs and increase your employee satisfaction by utilising Spacent’s +150 professional remote work locations.

The best place to work - always

Spacent Membership is a cost efficient, agile and flexible workplace solution for all businesses who value their employee experience – no long term commitments, predictable costs and unlimited use of workspaces. Integrating on-demand workspaces to your workplace strategy is not an add-on – it is a way to mitigate operational risks, increase flexibility and lower environmental impacts. And it will give your organisation a possibility to cut down costs from one of the biggest expenditure – the fixed office.

People are your company’s most valuable resource. Give them the flexibility to work where it is most efficient for them – in the office, in cozy coworking space near home or between meetings. Using on-demand workspaces has never been this easy.

You can try Spacent locations during a free trial. Request a trial for your team from our sales and take our service for a test drive! Upgrade to a company subscription after the trial or contact the sales to find the best option for your team.

Optimise fixed office size by using remote workspaces

And measure the effects. By integrating remote options to your workplace strategy, you can substantially lower your fixed office costs. By doing this you enhance employee experience, mitigate operational risks and decrease your carbon footprint – this is your impact.

Enable the flexibility for employees

And good environments for work. Working 2-3 times a week at the office means, that half of the work week is spent in a remote location. Almost 90 % of Gen Z employees would like their employer to provide them with a remote options near home or elsewhere (e.g. travelling for work, working between meetings).

Support teamwork while working in multiple locations or countries

While working in multiple locations or countries. Remote work has opened a lot of opportunities to recruit more widely. Providing an office anywhere might be an asset in a very competitive recruiting market and Spacent team features will support your hybrid and remote teams to work together and engage.

6 Reasons To Use Spacent


1. Increase flexibility

Decrease you lease liabilities and utilize space capacity on-demand


2. Lower facility costs

Optimize your hybrid workplace and utilization rates – decrease space costs up to 40%


3. Mitigate Environmental impacts

Decrease your organisation’s space related CO2 emissions up to 35 % by optimizing utilization rates


4. Provide coverage where it is needed

Enable professionalism and privacy in remote work – where ever your employees are


5. Support productivity

Provide support for managing the problems related to working from home – distractions, ergonomics, work-life fulfilment – and providing new opportunities for team building


6. Reduce commuting

Decrease the need for commuting and save employees’ time by enabling working nearby people’s homes or wherever they move during the day

Our solutions

All businesses

Agile and flexible workplace solution for all businesses with Spacent Memberships – no long term commitments, pay for what you use, with unlimited amount of users. Using on-demand workspaces has never been this easy.


Included in Spacent Memberships, we offer reports on utilisation, supported onboarding, employee feedback, and insight on hybrid workplace costs and benefits based on your company preferences. For larger organisations, we customise an offer.

Hybrid workplace as a service for your company?

Employee benefit of today

Accessing quality working environments wherever you are is the employee benefit of today, that benefits especially employees that move much during the week and as an alternative for home work.


Spacent Coworking Passes allow you to find a perfect spot based on what type of work you are doing. Many of our locations are perfect for focused work or team work and some have excellent facilities for having your conference calls in a more private setting. Find your perfect space from the app – every day.


Our locations also offer various Spacent benefits to support your work-life balance. Get to know all the benefits below.

Personal or Shared coworking pass?

Anybody can join Spacent,​ but business members have additional features and more advanced functionalities as standard. For larger companies we also customise membership packages, where all employees can access the network spaces, starting from 10 eur/month/employee.


Personal coworking pass allows one person to visit all hot desk locations, no restrictions applied. Shared coworking pass enables all members of a team or a company to access hot desk locations.  Read more of our memberships on pricing page.

6 reasons why you and your company should use Spacent to power remote work.


You can download a short summary of the highlights of Spacent’s services by filling the form. We will email you a brochure that serves as comprehensive material for your team’s or company’s leaders to get a broad view on the benefits we have to offer.

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