The Most Efficient Workplace Solution

Reduce office costs, increase flexibility and get data insights of space usage – all in one platform. 

Embrace the way the world works today

Save up to 40 % of your space costs and increase your employee satisfaction by utilising hundreds of professional remote work locations. Allow your employees professionalism and privacy in remote work, wherever they are.

Optimise fixed office costs

Combine your own office and flexible space, decrease costs, measure the effects, and gather data with Spacent dashboard to make better and more efficient decisions for the future.

Enable flexibility for employees

Research shows that the flexibility to use coworking locations is positively associated with employee satisfaction, performance and retention.

Support teams in remote work

While working in multiple locations or countries, Spacent team features will support your local hybrid and remote teams to work together and engage.

We are creating the future with our clients

"With Spacent we follow and analyze the data of the utilization of our own office spaces and the flexible workspaces and continue to ask our employees about their wishes and preferences. This way we can ensure that everyone at RELEX will find their own best way to work and a suitable space to go with it."

- Tiia Rapeli, HR Director in Relex Solutions

“Working hybrid has supported the needs of our growing staff by bringing own office, working from home and coworking-spaces available for all employees.”


Petri Bergström


NCC PD Finland

“With Spacent we can offer our employees better options to work from anywhere – also in cities where we don’t have offices of our own.”


Susan Vättö

Office Manager

Wolt Enterprises Oy

“Spacent is one of DNA’s concrete ways of improving the remote work experience of the personnel and contributing to the wellbeing of our staff.”


Jaakko Happo

VP of Treasury and Administration


Our clients are forerunners in rethinking office with people first approach. Read all the customers stories here.

The best place to work - always

Spacent Membership is a cost efficient, agile and flexible workplace solution for all businesses who value their employee experience – no long term commitments, predictable costs and unlimited use of workspaces. Integrating on-demand workspaces to your workplace strategy is not an add-on – it is a way to mitigate operational risks, increase flexibility and lower environmental impacts.

How does it affect overall costs?

By embracing remote work, companies can reduce office rental overhead significantly. This does not mean only your lease agreement but also operating expenses like maintenance, electricity, cleaning and other supplies. Embracing remote work will result in less cluttered and crammed spaces, with lower costs, and better ways of working.


With a buffer of flexible spaces you can achieve 40% less fixed costs, up to 45% less CO2 emissions and less time spent in commuting. Read Spacent’s report on cost-efficient office spaces to find out how.

6 Reasons To Use Spacent


1. Increase flexibility

Decrease you lease liabilities and utilize space capacity on-demand


2. Lower facility costs

Optimize your hybrid workplace and utilization rates – decrease space costs up to 40%


3. Mitigate Environmental impacts

Decrease your organisation’s space related CO2 emissions up to 45 % by optimizing utilization rates and reducing commuting


4. Provide coverage where it is needed

Enable professionalism and privacy in remote work – where ever your employees are


5. Support productivity

Provide support for teamwork and for managing the problems related to working from home – like distractions and ergonomics


6. Reduce commuting

Decrease the need for commuting and save employees’ time by enabling work nearby homes or wherever they move during the day

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