Work From Anywhere

Unlock hundreds of coworking locations by downloading our app and starting a free trial. 

With Spacent, you can utilize the broadest office space network in the Nordics on-demand. Our service is typically an employee benefit offered by the employer, but the service can also be opened for private people or small businesses as a flexible and cost-effective option for leased office space.

230+ workplace locations and the network is growing – all available with one membership.

Book and use workstations, meeting rooms and project spaces on-demand or for a longer period.

Perfect for workers or teams on the move and as an alternative for working from home.


Getting started with Spacent

Getting to know Spacent is super easy. This is how you do it!

1. Start your free trial

Download the Spacent app and start your personal free 3-day trial or tip your employer on a team trial. If your employer has offered you a Spacent Coworking Pass, you can sign in with your work email.

2. Book a workspace

Book a space for your self or your team anywhere, anytime. We always show up-to-date availability in our desks, meeting rooms and private offices.

3. Invite your colleagues

Let your colleagues know where you are going or invite them. Find your colleagues and filter spaces based on colleague attendance.

4. Arrive and enjoy!

After making making a booking, you’ll receive arrival information and instructions to check-in.

Enjoy the services and benefits of our locations and make the most out of excellent working environments!

Hybrid workplace as a service for your company?

Employee benefit of today

Accessing quality working environments wherever you are is the employee benefit of today, that benefits especially employees that move much during the week and as an alternative for home work.

Spacent Coworking Passes allow you to find a perfect spot based on what type of work you are doing. Many of our locations are perfect for focused work or team work and some have excellent facilities for having your conference calls in a more private setting. Find your perfect space from the app – every day.

Our locations also offer various Spacent benefits to support your work-life balance. Get to know all the benefits below.

Basic or Business coworking pass?

Anybody can join Spacent,​ but business members have additional features and more advanced functionalities as standard. For larger companies we also customise membership packages, where all employees can access the network spaces, starting from 10 eur/month/employee.

Personal Basic coworking pass allows one person to visit all hot desk locations, no restrictions applied. Shared Business coworking passes enable all members of a team or a company to access hot desk locations.  Read more of our memberships on pricing page.

6 reasons why you and your company should use Spacent to power hybrid work.

You can download a short summary of the highlights of Spacent’s services by filling the form. We will email you a brochure that serves as comprehensive material for your team’s or company’s leaders to get a broad view on the benefits we have to offer.

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Interested to try for free?

Basic Coworking Pass

If you are an individual, meaning you would pay for the coworking pass yourself, you can just download the application from App Store or Google Play, and start your free trial immediately.

Business Coworking Pass for teams

If you are part of a team or a company, meaning your employer would pay for the coworking pass, you can contact our sales and they will activate the trial within a few days.