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Flexible Growth: Shedding Light on Valoa Digital’s story with Spacent

Valoa Digital

Valoa Digital’s story reflects a modern approach to growth marketing, emphasizing the importance of continuous customer value. According to Niklas Viileinen, the CEO of Valoa Digital, their strategy focuses on providing growth services as an ongoing service, with a strong emphasis on increasing customer value.


Valoa Digital adopted remote work practices early on in the company’s inception. “Our first hires were made during the pandemic, so remote work was a natural choice for us from the beginning,” Niklas explains. The introduction of Spacent brought a new dimension to the team’s working practices. “The dispersed nature of our team across Finland made utilizing Spacent’s space network seamless, enabling the use of workspaces across the country while also facilitating meetings in various work settings.”

“Spacent offers support alongside home offices.”

Describing the significance of flexible work for them and their employees, Niklas states, “Remote work means location-independent work, where people have the freedom to choose where they work. Spacent’s service provides this freedom in a professional office environment, while also offering support alongside home offices.” The primary goal of using Spacent at Valoa Digital is to offer employees flexibility in choosing their workspaces.


Valoa Digital benefits from Spacent’s extensive space network internationally, providing a convenient and flexible solution for working in different countries. Spacent’s space network covers multiple countries, making it easier for Valoa Digital employees to travel for work and enabling the use of spaces for events or client meetings abroad. This additional benefit streamlines work travel and facilitates efficient work even while abroad.


Valoa Digital’s preferred Spacent location is the Valo Hotel, which offers a pleasant environment in a convenient location.

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