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Making the team’s days run smoothly together

Gåshaga Kafferosteri

We met up with Andreas Niflis from Gåshaga coffee roastery at United Spaces Götgatsbacken, to check with him how he and his team experience our service, which they have been using for a little more than a year now.

Andreas works as an account manager in Stockholm and there are 6 people on the sales team. Previously, Andreas had had some challenges with getting his and the team’s days together in a smooth way if they were out and about, and sometimes digital meetings were scheduled in between physical meetings.


Back then, it wasn’t always the easiest to find a quiet, ergonomic place to sit and work, and the choice often ended up being noisy cafés or – the car. It became kind of a hunt that took valuable time from the workday. When he heard about Spacent through acquaintances, they decided to try the service.


No more time wasted hunting professional work environments


Now, a year later with our service, Andreas says:

No matter how my day starts, where and when, I know that I can always access a good office wherever I am. Now I have a map and can easily book myself a desk where it suits me best. Close by the next meeting or wherever it may be.”


When we asked what the very best thing about our service is for them, he answers without hesitation – the networking opportunities.

Spacent has given me several business opportunities through their network.”

Lastly, he would like to advise everyone to try the service, to spend a day checking up on where all the spaces are located and if possible, go there and look around. Then you will see what you get and which coworking space that suits you the best. It takes time to build new habits but it’s worth it.

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