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Empowering Business Sustainability: aila.’s Journey with Spacent

In the era of sustainability, aila. stands to focus on environmental responsibility providing sustainability solutions for companies to measure, improve, and report their climate change and biodiversity impact. Their user-friendly AI-driven tools streamline the data collection and provide actionable insights for long-term success.


At the heart of aila.’s operations lies a commitment to flexible work practices, which have been seamlessly integrated into the company’s work culture. With team members, partners, and clients scattered around Finland, the Baltics, and the Nordics, remote work was not just a choice but a necessity. “We’ve been remote from the beginning,” Juulia Karjula, the CEO of aila. explains. ‘’We don’t confine anyone to specific locations or spaces. We strive to offer a flexible work environment that supports individual needs, whether work-related or personal.”

“Spacent has been a supportive factor for our employer brand and culture”

Spacent – a solution that has become integral to aila.’s journey. Providing a diverse range of workspace options, Spacent has not only supported Aila’s remote work model but has also become a cornerstone of their employer brand and company culture. “Spacent has been a supportive factor for our employer brand and culture,” Juulia notes. “It’s been a significant advantage in recruitment, offering a broad workspace and allowing mobility across Finland.”


Moreover, Spacent’s extensive network of quality spaces at competitive prices sets it apart in a sea of service providers. Juulia highlights, “What’s great about Spacent is the calm approach to sales and communication. It’s not pushy. It’s been the only one that could offer such a wide network of spaces, with quality and competitive pricing.”

“Spacent offers a broad network, flexible contracts, and easy scalability”

For aila., utilizing Spacent isn’t just a business transaction; it’s a relationship born out of mutual understanding and support. Both being technology-driven entities, aila. and Spacent share a common ground, facilitating a seamless partnership. “As a technology company and tech startup ourselves, we want to support other tech startups,” Juulia explains. “We understand the challenges and operate within the same realm.”


Amid this partnership, Spacent’s flexibility and scalability emerge as the cornerstones of the collaboration. “Spacent offers a broad network, flexible contracts, and easy scalability,” Juulia remarks. “But most importantly, it’s seen as an added value to our employees and a competitive advantage.”


Reflecting on her favorite Spacent location, Juulia highlights Armaan Kulma for it’s spaciousness and growth potential. With aila.’s journey intertwined with Spacent’s offerings, Juulia is enthusiastic about sharing their experiences as a reference for others embarking on a similar path.


In the narrative of Aila’s green transition, Spacent emerges not just as a service provider but as a strategic partner in navigating the landscape of flexible and responsible workspace solutions.

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