Invite a friend to work with you

Instead of inviting a friend to lunch, how about inviting them to spend a whole workday together?

All Spacent business users can now invite friends to spend the workday with you. Invite your old colleagues, neighbours or new aquitances to come and work with you from one of all the wonderful coworking spaces in our network.

You and your friend can enjoy also the benefits that are available through the Spacent network. Maybe a candy buffet? Or a yoga session together during the day? A lovely breakfast buffet just in time for your morning coffee? The possibilities are (almost) endless!

How does it work?

Invite a friend to work with you

Every Spacent business user can invite their coworker, friend or any other guest to work with them through Spacent – without any additional costs (max 3 invitations / month). Their guest can accept the invitation without needing to become a Spacent member, and the invitation flow is very easy.


Just make yourself a booking through Spacent App, and in the reservation’s confirmation screen choose “Invite a guest”, share the invitation and ask your guest to fill in the details. That’s it! Note that not all spaces offer the opportunity to invite friends, so if the reservation confirmation page does not offer this feature, it might be that the spesific space does not support this.


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