In case you're still wondering how our service works, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. You can also book a demo, anytime.

How much do we need office space in the new Hybrid Workplace?

With Spacent Hybrid Workplace Simulator we can create scenarios about the needed space, together with the customer and base on real data on usage. Simulations are included in the Corporate Membership.

We have empty, unused spaces in our office. Can Spacent help with them?

Yes, we can. Our Corporate Members can add their own spaces to the platform for internal bookings, with integrations to existing booking calendars if needed. Corporate Members can also set their spaces available for bookings for their own partners or other Spacent Members to gain additional income. And don't worry about the practicalities, we will help you through the process.

How is the safety of the locations taken into consideration?

We are guiding our users for COVID-19 safety measures in our locations based on space operator's instructions. We are also continuously developing the safety measures with our operators based on the feedback we get from the users.

How is the information security taken into account in the spaces?

In Spacent location there are many qualities that improve information security of our Members, such as limiting screen visibility, available phone booths, team rooms and locked lockers. We recommend you always take into consideration the information security policies of your organisation and use VPN when needed. Spacent's information security experts will be happy to answer more questions in security@spacent.com

What if my Corporate Membership usage exceeds the 20 reservations per month?

After your usage exceeds 20 reservations per month, you can buy additional day passes for workstations straight from the app. You can also change the amount of your memberships monthly to match the level of your usage, by contacting hello@spacent.com

How much can I use the spaces with the Membership?

With the Personal Membership, you may use an unlimited amount of workstations. Each Shared Membership includes 20 workstation bookings per month.

What spaces can we use with the Membership?

Booking and using workstations is included in the Membership price. Workstations are usually located in the open areas of our locations. In most of our locations you can also access silent working areas and phone booths. You will always find more information about the spaces and locations in the Spacent App. Meeting rooms and project spaces are available for bookings with a separate fee.

How many people can use one shared Corporate Membership?

The number of users having access to the shared membership is not limited, but we suggest purchasing 1 Membership for every 5-10 people. Based on usage statistics, you may change optimise the number of memberships continuously.

What is the difference between a Personal Membership and a Shared Membership?

Personal Membership is a personal membership, that can be used by only one person. Shared Membership is a shared membership, which is accessible by multiple people or the whole team.

How can I pay my Memberships?

Payment methods available for you in the purchase are credit card, email invoicing and electronic invoice. You may change your invoicing method by contacting our sales rep at hello@spacent.com.

How can we onboard our employees to Spacent? 

When your company has purchased the Spacent Membership, you can decide a login method that suits you best. Spacent supports Microsoft and Google SSO authentication, but you may also choose an email verification. 

How to sign up as a Spacent member?

As an individual person, you can download the app and register to start using it in the app. You can choose to start with a Personal Membership or with a Free Plan, where you pay per use for hot desks and meeting rooms.

Your company may purchase either a Personal or Shared membership from the website. After that, you can download Spacent App from Apple Store of Google Play and log in with your work email. You can also contact hello@spacent.com if you want some assistance in signing up or are unsure of what membership to purchase.  

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