Office hotels through Spacent

Spacent helps your company find a flexible, sustainable and people-based office solution from an office hotel.

What is an office hotel?

Office hotels provide flexibility and cost efficiency in an increasingly tough office market, where renting and managing an own office is often too expensive and not necessary. Simply explained, an office hotel is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a hotel of offices, where you have the option of renting one or more of their rooms and office spaces for your company. Depending on your needs, you can have a separate room in a coworking space or a completely private office. Office hotels usually consist of larger common areas that can be used by all companies, and several differently sized private rooms or bigger office plans.

Office hotels provide flexibility in terms of the length of the lease agreement and the size of the office, making it the perfect solution for small and medium sized companies. For example a growing company can rent a smaller own office and use the common coworking area when needed, or rent another room for a shorter time when they are growing – and Spacent is the perfect solution to increase flexibility.

Spacent is service through which your company can use multiple coworking spaces, office hotels and other office facilities with just one agreement. This means that instead of offering just one office hotel to be used by your employees, they can book workstations or meeting rooms from more than 230 different locations in the Nordics, Baltics and other countries – and the network is growing all the time. Spacent can help your company can find an optimal, flexible and sustainable office solution.

Office hotel through Spacent

Option 1: Complement your current office

Let your employees to book workspaces and optional meeting rooms from the Spacent network – with one agreement, unlimited use and fixed price for the company, starting from 300€/per month for 5 employees.


Working from “third locations” has multiple benefits: it increases employee well-being (check Gubbe’s story), shortens commuting times, decreases overall CO2 emissions of your company, and lowers your overall office costs as you don’t necessarily need to increase the size of your own office even as you grow (check Relex’s story).

Option 2: Find a private office from an office hotel

If you need your own office, we can also help you find an ideal place from our network (check Bridge Impact story). We have existing relationships with the office hotels and can contact them on your behalf, so you save time.


While the search is going on your employees can already take Spacent into use, and book workspaces and meeting rooms from the network. In addition to providing the extra space you might need, your employees can try the office hotels and see which ones they like the most.

Cities with Spacent locations in Sweden

Locations in Stockholm

The Park Södra and 20 other office hotels or coworking spaces available.

Locations in Gothenburg

AVillage and 6 other office hotels or coworking spaces available.

Locations in Malmö

Mindpark Malmö City and 2 other office hotels or coworking spaces available.

Cities with Spacent locations in Finland

Locations in Helsinki

VALO Hotel & work and 21 other office hotels or coworking spaces available in Helsinki.

Locations in Turku

PHK Toimitilat and 2 other office hotels or coworking spaces available in Turku.

Locations in Tampere

UNITY Tampere and 3 other office hotels or coworking spaces available in Tampere.

Other cities in Sweden with Spacent locations

BrastadDanderydGävleGöteborgHelsingborgJohanneshovJönköpingKalmarKistaKungsbackaLidköpingLinköpingLundMölnlyckeNackaNorrköpingSkövdeSolnaStockholmStockholm-ArlandaSälenTrollhättanTäbyVarbergUpplands VäsbyVisbyVästeråsÄlvsjö

Other cities in Finland with Spacent locations


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