Best Coworking spaces in Gothenburg

We gathered a list of the most popular coworking spaces in Gothenburg, and tips on how to make the most of your workday.

And the best part is that all of these spaces are available with Spacent!

Gothenburg – the epicenter of innovation in Sweden has multiple communal working spaces and it is growing as a coworking market as we speak. Each location offer unique service and atmosphere and each location creates a different kind of community. We guarantee that everyone working in Gothenburg will find a convenient and inspiring coworking space.

To help you find the perfect place to work from, we picked the best coworking spaces in Gothenburg based on the most reserved spaces on our service.

More than 200 independent coworking spaces are already part of the Spacent network in the Nordics and Baltics. All spaces in the network, including the ones listed here and countless others in southwestern Sweden are accessible with Spacent coworking pass. Download our Spacent mobile application and try the service for free, or book a demo to hear why coworking is the employee benefit of the future.

Top 4 coworking spaces in Gothenburg

United Spaces Lindholmen

Welcome to the new innovation and business hub in Lindholmen. Perfectly located just off the docks and next to all newly built facilities, United Spaces Lindholmen offers office space in the epicenter of innovation in Gothenburg. We deliver a full service concept so you can focus on your business instead of practicalities. Don’t miss out on our breakfast and candy buffets! United Spaces Lindholmen can be found inside an unique Uni3 Campus by Geely. There are different kinds of services such restaurants, a hotel and a design studio under the same roof.
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AVillage is kind of what it sounds like. A village where we are here for each other. We bring our customers a cozy and inspiring atmosphere with great amenities for you and your company. Do you like to sit in an open office environment, have good coffee and connect with like-minded professionals? We recommend trying out our coworking spaces. With AVillage the question isn’t what they offer but what do you want! Breakfasts are served daily and lunch orders are delivered to the office!
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United Spaces Östrahamngatan

Dream location. In central Gothenburg, close to shops, transportation and restaurants. You’ll have all possible service at your fingertips! We believe that our members have more important things to deal with than wifi and printer issues. By delivering a full service concept you can focus on your business instead of practicalities. Do you have a podcast to record? We have got you covered. In addition to coworking areas and meeting rooms we provide a well equipped podcasting studio.


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A Working Lab Johanneberg Science Park

A Working Lab at Johanneberg Science Park is part of Sweden’s leading collaboration arena for the community. A place where business, society and academia meet and where some of Sweden’s foremost innovations in community building are created. Our spaces are designed to be flexible and suit your every working need. Start your workday energised by hitting the Health labs gym or clear your mind in Yoga space and sauna.
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All locations available in Gothenburg with Spacent

Spacent in short

We’re a Helsinki based startup aiming to change the world by disrupting the way people think about the space where they work. Our vision is to achieve the most sustainable use possible of the space we have already built.

Spacent is using a streaming service logic to office spaces. That is the reason why we are more affordable, flexible and versatile than normal coworking memberships or renting offices. Our clients will have one fixed cost subscription and the spaces can be used when and wherever, as much as you need.

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