Booking your own office

Add your own office to Spacent App and see when your colleagues will be working there.

Own office booking -tool enables your company to track how many people are booking seats from your own office. Get real-time data on your office capacity and meeting room bookings. Spacent App gives you insight into who of your colleagues will be working at the office. Booking data reveals the most popular days at the office, and which rooms have the most usage.

Combining own office and remote work has never been this easy.

Every office is unique

And for that reason, we modify the own office service for each of our clients. We do integrations or provide a stand-alone reservation system for meeting rooms and other rooms at the office.

We provide SSO login for your company, or you can choose to go with a basic email authentication if you want. Your office can have 2 seats or 2,000 seats – our service scales with you.

You can combine your own office with Coworking Pass and project spaces from other locations, or focus your service only on your own office. Whatever you choose.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a demo!

Supporting team work

Find your team members

Locate a specific colleague, see where they will be working and match your reservation with theirs to meet up

Share your own location

While making a reservation, you have the option to make your reservation visible to the other members of your organization

Filter locations and spaces

You can browse the locations your colleagues have made reservations to on a map view and choose the best location for you

Customer stories

Read how two fo our customers have benefitted from Own Office service.

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