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We are proud to collaborate with quality space providers in the Nordics and Europe. Become part of our Spacent family today and list your space without costs and long term commitments!


Unused desks in your coworking space? Want to share excess space in your own office, but only with your partners? Looking to ease the pain of intense management of shared spaces? We got you.

Save time, get paid

We will do the work for you – you just sit back and get paid monthly based on the usage of your spaces.

More customers

Open your spaces to thousands of Spacent users or selected partners and attract new customers.

It's free

Joining the platform is always free – no fixed fees or set-up costs. Our business model is based on transaction fees. 

There’s No Space Too Big or Small


We welcome you. Shared space, private space, serviced or not serviced, coworking or project space – we want to help you reach your full potential. And this journey doesn’t need a rocketship.


It is in our hearts to make cities more sustainable and we have made it easy for you to participate on this journey with us. That’s why we’ve developed easy solutions for everyone to share unused office space, no matter if it’s your core business or some unutilized space in your own office.  We are looking to boost your business, while reinventing the way we use our space.

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Contact us below or book a demo here – let’s get you set up with Spacent. 

This is how it works:

   Tell us about your space – we’ll be in touch with you within two work days!

   Let’s set up your company profile together – and ensure we’re on the same page.

   Add and publish your spaces in your management tool and welcome new visitors.

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I’m looking to increase the utilisation of my coworking space but lack the resources in for e.g. marketing and administration.


Our Hosts can list and sell space resources on our platform while letting us take care of all the administration – including managing reservations and invoicing. We’ll be your partner in providing the best solutions for you when looking to increase cashflow without effort. You’ll get visibility among Spacent users and members. 

In our location there’s no personnel on-site and we are already using a booking system for our spaces. Can we still join?


Our technology integrates to many existing access control systems and booking calendars. You do not have to introduce overlapping systems or change to new ones – we expand the potential of your existing processes and execute that in an efficient, professional, and safe manner. 

Our company has headquarters with a long contract that can’t be cancelled. How to best utilise the empty space?


Spacent offers a network of workspaces and your office can be part of the solution. Instead of having empty space just lying around, offer it to the users of Spacent or select customers and partners as targeted user groups only – and get easy income by doing it.