Work & Train at UNITY Tampere

Want to take your productivity to the next level? Get access to the LOADED gym with a working desk reservation to UNITY Tampere on the Spacent App!

Balance your workday at UNITY Tampere with access to the gym

In today’s fast-paced world of work, finding a healthy Work-Life balance can be challenging. Due to the blurred lines between home and the office, the cycle of constant connectivity might be inevitable. Balancing these demands requires not just individual effort but also a cultural shift in how work is structured.


UNITY has created an unique concept that redefines what a workspace can be. From coworking areas, and meeting facilities to apartments, a café, and a gym, UNITY caters to your needs so you can structure your workdays around your life – not the other way around.


In collaboration with Spacent, UNITY offers the possibility to get access to the LOADED gym in addition to your Working Desk reservation until the end of August. When you check-in into the coworking area by showing your reservation on the Spacent app, express your desire to use the gym in the lobby. Access to the gym with a Working desk resevation without additional costs is valid from April to the end of august 2024.


Just take your training gear with own indoor shoes and a towel with you and break a sweat at the LOADED gym during or after your workday!


UNITY Tampere is located in the beautiful scenery of Pyynikki, in the old factory building, just a few kilometers from the city center.

You can easily get here by walking, by bike, by your own car or by bus. Bus number 10 stops almost in front of our door steps (the nearest bus stop is called Trikookuja when coming from the city center).

There is also a parking garage in the area. Payment can be made with the eParking app or at our reception.


Pyynikintie 25-29, 33230 Tampere

Ready to Work and Workout?

You can access the coworking area and the gym with a Working Desk -reservation made through Spacent app. The reservation can be made with the Spacent Coworking Passes or by purchasing one time access on the Spacent app. Learn more about the Coworking Passes here.


Once you have chosen your plan and have access to the Spacent app follow the steps below:


  1. Search for UNITY Tampere in the map view.
  2. Make a booking for desired date and time.
  3. Check-in in the lobby and express your desire to use the gym.


If you are already using Spacent, you can search for the space and make a booking right away and express your desire to use the gym as you check-in into the coworking area in the lobby.

Make Spacent the new employee benefit of your company

Did you know that many companies from small startups to multinational corporations, offer Spacent to their employees? Spacent not only increases employees’ freedom to choose where to work – we also help companies reduce office costs and CO2 commissions.

If you or your coworkers would like to work from +240 coworking spaces, let us know and fill out the form below! In this case, we can activate a test period for your company and invite your team members to the office of the future!