Welcome to the beautiful coworking space UNITY Tampere!

Book your space in UNITY’s coworking space for free during January with the Spacent App!

UNITY Tampere – space that fits your life

Work and meeting facilities, studio apartments, and activities by the lake and close to nature trails. UNITY Tampere is big but exactly the size of its visitors’ lives.

At UNITY Tampere, you can find everything you need under one roof. Ergonomic and well-thought-out spaces guarantee an efficient working day, with room for spontaneous encounters, brainstorming and work that requires focus.

There is also a café, a brewery pizzeria, and a day spa in the area. Bicycle parking is placed in the courtyard and shower facilities can be found inside. Possibility to also use the sauna in women’s and men’s shifts, ask more at our reception.

Come and experience working at UNITY in Tampere by reserving your place in UNITY’s coworking space with the Spacent app for free during January!


UNITY Tampere is located in the beautiful scenery of Pyynikki, in the old factory building, just a few kilometers from the city center.


You can easily get here by walking, by bike, by your own car or by bus. Bus number 10 stops almost in front of our door steps (nearest bus stop is called Trikookuja when coming from the city center).


There is also a parking garage in the area. Payment can be made with the eParking app or at our reception.


Pyynikintie 25-29, 33230 Tampere

Ready to start working?

You can access the space with a working desk -reservation made through the Spacent app. If you are already using Spacent, you can search for the space and make a booking right away.


To celebrate the new year you can now work in the coworking space at UNITY Tampere for free during January! Just follow the steps below:


  1. Download the Spacent app
  2. Register and choose the free version of the app
  3. Search and select UNITY Tampere
  4. Make a booking for desired date and time.

Others concentrate best at home and others feed their creativity by going to a new space. Some feel that our own office is the best place to work. It’s not important to us, where you do your work. What is important though, is that our employees enjoy their workspace and feel good.

- Tiia Rapeli, HR director, RELEX

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