Try out United Spaces Solna Strand!

Work from the space for free during October. Book your seat directly from the app.

Welcome to the beautiful United Spaces Solna Strand.

From industrial area to growing business district. Solna Strand is perfect for you who live and work north of town. Here, United Spaces offers a top-class coworking space. Magnificent terrace included. 

At United Spaces you will get a Full Service so you can focus on your work rather than practicalities. Wi-Fi, reception, Bistro and much more.

 We believe that diversity creates empowerment and a better understanding of people. By clashing companies from different industries together with people from all over the world, we’re creating an environment where openness and diversity thrives.

Swap your office to Solna Strand and work from there for free during October!

Where is this?

United Spaces Solna Strand is located on Elektrogatan 10 in Solna. It’s easy to reach with train and buses. If you get there by car, there’s a parking hall right next to the location.

Surely it sounds great?

Spacent celebrates the collaboration with United spaces in Solna by welcoming everyone who wants to work from there for free throughout October!​


To gain access to United Spaces Solna Strand – follow these steps:


  1. Download the Spacent App
  2. Register and choose Free membership
  3. Search for United Spaces Solna Strand
  4. Create a booking for the desired date and time.

Working from United Spaces Solna Strand is completely free during October and you can work from there as often as you want during this time.

Want to use all of the spaces in our network?

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Note! You can also work from United Spaces Lindholmen and United Spaces Uppsala completely free during October! Reserve your workstation the same way as at Solna Strand .

Tip your employer!

Did you know that in today’s hybrid work environment, Spacent is an appreciated benefit, often provided to employees by the companies. If you would like to have United Spaces Solna Strand as an option for your workdays, along the other 120 locations, you can download “6 reasons to use Spacent” for your employer below or tip us directly to

6 reasons why you and your company should use Spacent to power hybrid work.

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