Spacent Iso Omena coworking space is now open!

To celebrate our opening you can work from the space for free until 14th of November.

Spacent Iso Omena is a brand new, modern coworking space located conveniently in the shopping center Iso Omena. In here you can find spaces suitable for focused working as well as for team meetings and networking. The coworking space includes an open hot desk area with phone booths, two meeting rooms and two private rooms with external monitors – everything you need for remote and hybrid work.

Working from home or the office both have their benefits – but working from Iso Omena combines the best of both worlds! You can work from a professional working environment that is easily accessible by public transportation, car or bike – or maybe even right next to your home! You also get to network with professionals from a variety of fields and enjoy the huge selection of services, shops and restaurants offered right outside your new office.


Iso Omena shopping center is located in Matinkylä, and the address is Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo.


The coworking space is located in the second floor of the shopping center, right above the Suomenlahdentie entrance (South-West corner) and next to Chapple.


You can access the shopping centre directly from public transport terminals (bus and metro) without the need to go outdoors.


The shopping center has direct access to the Länsiväylä and Ring II motorways, and the car parks can be reached via ramps from Piispansilta, Markkinakatu and Suomenlahdentie. All customers get 2 hour free parking. Read more here.

Ready to start working?

To use the space you need to book a desk / meeting room for a specific date using Spacent mobile app. If you already have, or your employer offers you, the Spacent Coworking Pass you can just select the space and make a booking.


During our first two weeks (until 14.11.) you can also use the space for free.

  1. Download Spacent mobile app
  2. Register and choose the free (pay-per-use) version of the app
  3. Search for Spacent Iso Omena -space
  4. Make a booking for the desired date and time
All visitors will also be rewarded with a special discount to our Basic Coworking Pass, which opens the doors to 230 other coworking spaces in the Nordics.

"Others concentrate best at home and others feed their creativity by going to a new space. Some feel that RELEX office is the best place to work. It’s not important to us, where you do your work. What is important though, is that our employees enjoy their workspace and feel good.“

- Tiia Rapeli, HR director at RELEX

Want to have Spacent as an employee benefit?

Did you know that many companies from small startups to multinational enterprises offer Spacent as an employee benefit? While providing freedom of choice to employees in terms of where they work, Spacent also helps companies to reduce their office costs and CO2 emissions.

If you, or your team, would like to work from +230 coworking spaces in the Nordics while simultaneously helping your business, tell us about it! By submitting the form below we can activate a team-wide test period of Spacent and invite your team to the future of offices.