Rent an office room through Spacent

Looking to rent an office room for yourself? We will surely find you a perfect office room from the 240 workspaces available in the Spacent network.

Looking for a private office room instead of working from home? Do you need the peace to be more productive, the services of a big office, and the possibility to network with others? A private office room from a coworking space is most likely a perfect option for you, and we can help you find the optimal one from our network! We already have some private office rooms available for rent – you can see and book them directly from our Spacent app.

Spacent provides the broadest network of office and coworking spaces in the Nordics; you can use all of them with one service. The network includes popular spaces such as United Spaces, The Park and Dospace in Sweden, and Epicenter, MOW, Valo Hotel&Work, Wonderland, and Unity in Finland – just to name a few. And the best part is that you can already access your workspace today – just download our app and get started with our free trial.

Options available through Spacent

Spacent Memberships for individuals and small teams

Perfect for those who don’t need a dedicated room for themselves, but want to work from 77 cities across Europe – with the price of one coworking membership.


Basic Coworking Pass price: 195€ / month (3999SEK / month in Sweden)

Rent your own office room from Spacent network

Want to have more space just for yourself? Let us help you find the perfect office room from our network of office spaces. Meanwhile, you can test which location you would like the most with our free 3-day trial.


Contact our team so we can start the search.

Office solutions for bigger teams and companies

Are you looking for an office for a bigger team? We can help you determine the ideal size of the office so that it suits your needs now and in the future – while reducing costs and CO2 emissions, and improving employee wellbeing.


Contact our sales to hear about our office solutions.

Spacent network locations

From Spacent app you will get an up to date view of our coworking spaces and locations. You can see all the immediately available office rooms by selecting “Private office” – and book your room from the same view.


Contact sales

Contact our sales team and we will help you determine and find a perfect office – without costs.