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Spacent team · Jun 29th 2023

Summer is here – take a head start to your vacation with Spacent!

Looking for a perfect way to combine work and free time during the summer? How about a beach right outside the office, incredible nightless nights in Lapland, or a lunch on an island? Whether you are heading out of town for a holiday and still need to finish some work, or you are longing for a change of scenery while working – we’ve got you covered.

Summer terrace at United Spaces Solna Strand

One of Spacent’s core values is to support work-life balance by providing flexibility and freedom to choose from multiple options. For example, by working at a Spacent location near your holiday destination, one can get a head start to vacation with family or friends and still finish work uninterrupted in a professional environment. To make it easy for our users to combine work and free time during the summer, we have gathered a list of coworking locations in popular summer destinations!







You can book the spaces by downloading Spacent app to your phone. Check out Spacent coworking passes for your team and yourself here.