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For frequent meeting room needs, explore our Meeting Room Packages to take advantage of discounted prices.

Come have your meeting at the impressive Rantatie Business Park

Rantatie Business Park is a modern, streamlined and stylish office building located in Kalasatama, Hermannin rantatie 6-8. Rantatie offers new, high-class spaces and meeting rooms for collaboration, focused work, phone conversations, as well as creative work.


Stylish meeting rooms & delicious catering


Meeting room interior design has been inspired by a maritime theme and the room names are familiar especially to those who sail. In total there are 30 different meeting rooms to choose from, ranging from small 4 person rooms to 30 person class rooms and roof top terrace. All meeting rooms are equipped with basic AV-equipment, pens, and notebooks. Some have fixed tables, some have comfortable sofas and others have moveable tables and chairs.


You can order catering for your meeting from the property’s restaurant Lepuuttaja, which is run by Eat & Work. They also serve breakfast from Tuesday to Friday 8:00-9:30 and lunch is served weekdays 10:30-13:30. There is also a self-service café that offers coffee, tea, refreshments, and small snacks. You can contact the restaurant at


If you feel like taking a break and a short walk during your meeting, Rantatie Business Park is very close to the urban culinary center Teurastamo and shopping center Redi.

How do I get there?

The main entrance is located at Verkkosaarenkatu 5, Helsinki. The reception is open weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

Kalasatama metro station and Redi shopping center are approx. 250 m walk away. If you arrive by bicycle, there is a parking area in the courtyard. If you arrice by car, drive to guest parking in the interior courtyard (subject to charge) via Verkkosaarenkatu and Työpajanpiha. There are charging stations in guest parking. There is also street parking in the nearby area or parking at Redi is also a good option.


Hermannin rantatie 6-8, 00580 Helsinki

Main entrance: Verkkosaarenkatu 5, 00580 Helsinki

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Meeting room packages

You can choose to book and pay for single meeting rooms occasionally or prepare for higher demand with a Meeting Room Package. If you are in need of meeting rooms frequently, we suggest you take one of the packages below into use and benefit from the discounted prices. If your usage exceeds the package selected, the overtime hours will be billed with the list pricing.

Meeting Room Package – S

Starting from

800 €

+ VAT / month

This package is the most suitable for the need of a few meetings in a month. Package S includes 20 hours of meeting room use in a month.

Meeting Room Package – M

Starting from

1800 €

+ VAT / month

This package is the most suitable for the need of multiple meetings and events in a month. Package M includes 50 hours of meeting room use in a month.

Meeting Room Package – L

Starting from

3 500 €

+ VAT / month

This package is the most suitable when multiple people use meeting rooms frequently. Package L includes 100 hours of meeting room use in a month.