Welcome to the unique and vibrant Martintalo

Book your space in Martintalo’s coworking space for free during April with the Spacent App!


Martintalo was built in 1992 as the headquarters of Siemens in Finland. Since then, the building has been partially renovated, but the unique 90’s vibe can still be found in the building.

Martintalo is the home to many businesses and a wide range of service providers. For example, you can find the popular restaurant Antell Martintalo, hair saloon Lea Stop, CTNCyrotherapy and physiotherapy service providers, just to name a few. Martintalo also has a large auditorium, four different sized meeting rooms as well as a sauna-area for rent.

What is included in my free visit?

Your free visit gives you access to a hot desk in Martintalo’s Office Center area. The space is furnished with adjustable desks and chairs and you have access to the Office Center’s kitchen area, where coffee and tea is provided.

You also have the option of booking two different meeting rooms free of charge: Peltosirkku or Merikeiju. Peltosirkku is a standard 12-person meeting room with a tvscreen for presentations. Merikeiju is set up in a classroom style with movable furniture for up to 16 people. It is equipped with a Clevertouch screen as well as camera and microphone to enable remote participation.

How do I get there?

Martintalo is only a short walk from the Vantaankoski train station. There are also multiple bus stops nearby. If you arrive by car, Martintalo offers visitor parking in front of the property. Please give your license plate number to the receptionist in order to avoid parking tickets.


Jaakonkatu 2, 01620 Vantaa. Reception service is open weekdays 7:45-15:45.

Ready to start working?

You can access the space with a working desk -reservation made through the Spacent app. If you are already using Spacent, you can search for the space and make a booking right away.


You can work in the coworking space at Martintalo for free during April! Just follow the steps below:


  1. Download the Spacent app
  2. Register and choose the free version of the app
  3. Search and select Martintalo
  4. Make a booking for desired date and time.

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