Työpaja coworking space is now open!

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Welcome to the brand new coworking space Työpaja in Kalasatama that adapts to your needs!


Työpaja is designed to adapt to your needs wether you need space for creative work, brain storming and networking or for quiet and focused work. This space can both calm your mind and inspire you with it’s well thought interior design.

Työpaja’s brand new coworking space is located next to Kalasatama metro station and shopping center Redi. The space has a comfortable common area for meetings and networking and a quiet space for focused work. For meetings, there are three well-equipped conference rooms and soundproof phone booths for remote meetings and calls.

The service includes free coffee and tea. Lunch is provided by two restaurants, Ravintola Pihka, located directly on the other side of the courtyard and Satama Bar & Bistro on the street level. Työpaja is easily accessible both by public transport and by car. Parking is available next door in the parking garage of shopping center Redi.

Where is this?

Työpaja is located in Helsinki right next to Kalasatama metro station at Työpajankatu 13. Location is easy to reach with public transport. In addition to the metro, a lot of buses stop near by from all over Helsinki.

Work from the space for free with our 3-day free trial!

All you need to do is:


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  2. Register and choose the Coworking Pass, which automatically starts with the free trial 
  3. Search for the Työpaja -space 
  4. Make a booking for the desired date


You can cancel your Coworking Pass at any time.

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