Coworking Space HUB Finland in Tikkurila is now open!

Work from the space for free during December – download the app and book your space!

We welcome you to enjoy your work day in HUB Finland in Tikkurila!

Long wait is over – the first coworking space from Tikkurila has joined the Spacent network!

HUB Finland has just opened its doors for remote workers in Tikkurila. HUB Finland provides excellent conditions for your work day. From the space, you’ll find a self-service kiosk with some snacks and beverages. Lunch is served in a popular restaurant Vintero which is located within the same building, and from Dixi you’ll find stores and more restaurant and café options.
Make your daily life easier by working in a peaceful environment and managing your errands conveniently on the way.


How do I get there?

The space is located in Kielotie 15 D, 500 meters away from the Tikkurila train station and bus terminal, so it’s easy to get there.

If you plan to arrive by car, you can find parking within 2 minutes walking distance next to the Tikkurila Library, and for additional fee from Tikkuparkki.

Want to try it? Yeah, we thought so.

If you already have Spacent Coworking Pass (either personal, or provided by your company), you can use HUB Finland in Tikkurila with no limitations.


You can also work from the space for free during December!

All you need to do is:

  1. Download Spacent App 
  2. Register and choose the pay-per-use version of the service
  3. Search for the HUB Finland space 
  4. Make a booking for the desired date


You can also start a three-day trial in the app for Spacent Coworking Pass to access multiple locations!

Combine less commuting and a change of scenery!

And all the errands you need to run for the day too!


HUB Finland Tikkurila offers an excellent coworking space conveniently located near the Dixi shopping center, connected to the bustling Tikkurila train station. Dixi is a shopping center for people on the move, featuring around 50 stores and services, including grocery stores, a variety of specialty shops, and numerous restaurants and cafes.


Choosing HUB Finland Tikkurila as your remote working location means you can enjoy the comfort of working while having all your daily needs within reach. You can have lunch at popular restaurants in Dixi, grab a snack during your workday, or easily do your daily shopping before heading home. Additionally, Dixi includes a medical clinic, gym, hair salons, opticians, and other services that make your daily life more convenient and efficient.


Working at HUB Finland Tikkurila not only means a peaceful and inspiring work environment but also convenience and efficiency, with all essential services close at hand.

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