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Welcome to the beautifully designed coworking space – Fabriken Textilgatan

You can sit wherever you want, in our pleasant lounges or at a vacant table. Change where you work between our different environments with comfortable sofa groups and workplaces during the day.

The large glass sections and windows provide a wonderful natural light and warmth to the space. The concrete floors together with the soft tones of the walls create an industrial feel with a modern touch.

We are located in the heart of Södra Hammarbyhamnen just around the corner from the tram and bus stops, and the nearest metro station Gullmarsplan is also within a walking distance. The neighbourhood itself is filled with cafes, shops and restaurants – everything you could need during your day.

Where is this?

Fabriken Textilgatan can be found at Textilgatan 31, 120 30 Stockholm, Sweden. Located near Gullmarsplan metrostation makes it easy to reach Fabriken by public transportation.

Work from the space for free with our 3-day free trial!

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