Coworking Spaces in London

See which coworking spaces in London are available through Spacent!

Spacent Coworking Pass allows you to work from anywhere – specifically, from 240 coworking spaces in the Nordics, Baltics, and other European countries.

In London, you can make unlimited workspace bookings to nine coworking space.

Spacent facilitates remote and hybrid work for individuals, teams and enterprises. Our Coworking Pass offers the opportunity to work from various inspiring coworking spaces close to your home – your company can also save costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

If you want to start using Spacent, just download our mobile application and sign up for a free three-day trial. Or if you are interested in a company solution, book a demo with our team.

Coworking in London

"Others concentrate best at home and others feed their creativity by going to a new space. Some feel that RELEX office is the best place to work. It’s not important to us, where you do your work. What is important though, is that our employees enjoy their workspace and feel good.“

- Tiia Rapeli, HR Director at RELEX

Who and where we are?

Spacent is a Nordic startup aiming to change the world by disrupting the way people think about the space where they work. Our vision is to achieve the most sustainable use possible of the space we have already built.

We use streaming service logic for office spaces. That is the reason why we are more affordable, flexible, and versatile than normal coworking memberships or renting offices. Our clients, ranging from freelancers to international enterprises, will have one fixed-cost subscription, and the spaces can be used when and wherever, as much as you need.

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