Support collaboration with team rooms

This product simplifies using team rooms, enhances collaboration, and boosts productivity in the hybrid workplace.

Designed to streamline collaboration

Team rooms feature offers seamless team reservations, flexible payment options, and enhanced teamwork tools. By simplifying the process of reserving team rooms, Spacent empowers organizations to optimize their workspace usage, reduce costs, and promote efficient teamwork.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance collaboration among remote teams or facilitate in-person meetings, team booking is the tool for you. Find a space where you prefer to come together, book it for the whole team and invite colleagues to join the booking.

Key features

Effortless team reservations

Reserve your room for the whole team seamlessly on daily-basis, facilitating collaboration and productivity.

Flexible payment options

Choose pay-per-use or opt for a team room quota package for cost-effective solutions.

Tools to connect

Utilize features like inviting colleagues to your booking and change the scenery based on teams preferences.

We are creating the future with our clients

"Spacent's Team rooms feature has revolutionized how our team collaborates. With the capability to book a team room for all of us a couple of times a week, we've really been able to thrive while being hybrid. The flexibility and cost-efficiency of Spacent's platform have exceeded our expectations."

- Kira Sjöberg, co-founder at Goodin

From team bookings to part-time office

Are you in need of a private office on a regular but not full-time basis? Is your team most eager to work together on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Many companies and teams don’t need the office every day, and team bookings can be easily turned into recurring reservations.

Turn your daily team bookings into a part-time office by reserving fixed days for your team, based on your most popular days and locations.

What does part-time office mean?


Make a recurring team booking to your favorite location, for your preferred days, and build habits for your team to come together.

No reservations

When choosing part-time office, no bookings are needed and you can use the office on your days.

Efficient use of space

It’s good for your budget and your planet.

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