Space efficiency is a climate act

The built environment generates approximately 40% of global CO2 emissions annually. Spacent is on a mission to minimize space waste by empowering people and companies to use their workspaces and offices more efficiently.

An own office is often considered the home of a company’s culture. It’s a celebrated step in the lifecycle of a young venture, adding to the sense of belonging and community. Bu also, it is our responsibility to make choices based on what is good for our people, planet and productivity – even when it comes to our fixed office space.

By implementing a hybrid work solution, and using an office more efficiently, a company can decrease their yearly CO2-emissions by a staggering 40%. The kilometers saved in commuting can be closer to millions a year.

Contact us and start your climate act

If you would like to learn what kind of a climate impact your company could make, we would love to help by providing a quick analysis of your office’s CO2 emissions, as well as saving potential. Then you can choose to make it a part of your sustainability plan and make an impact with the way and where you work.