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TRACTR is now Spacent

TRACTR is a PropTech company that was founded in 2019. We focus on enabling effective use of space resources and allowing people to find workspace wherever and whenever needed. Today we are publishing our new brand, Spacent.

Spacent's co-founder and CEO Antti Tuomela tells about the brand change: “Our recent name “Tractr” was in many ways cacthy and memorable. However, at the same time the hard spelling and missing core business connection encouraged us to change it. The new name, Spacent, origins from our mission to deliver new kind of spaces to enterprises and organizations.”

The previously known normal ways of working and utilising office spaces have faced alternative options changing the way of using spaces. For instance, working from home and working from anywhere needed have introduced other workplace options to traditional offices. With the new brand, Spacent can offer modern products and services built by professionals to solve underutilization of space resources. As Spacent, we are excited to introduce new solutions for office space owners and users to utilize next week – stay tuned!

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Antti Tuomela, CEO

antti.tuomela@spacent.com or +358 40 719 4007




Spacent in Europe

Yliopistonkatu 4,

00100 Helsinki, Finland


Spacent in USA

201 Broadway, Suite #201

Cambridge, MA02139

Spacent in Canada

Islington Place, Suite #600

3250 Bloor Street West

Toronto, M8X 2X9


Spacent (Tractr Oy)

Business ID: 2941167-1



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