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Spacent team · Nov 20th 2019

TRACTR Looks to Revolutionize the Use of Space – Joins Forces with Global Tech Company Reaktor

Reaktor has decided to invest in TRACTR Ltd and form strategic partnership with the company. The co-founder of Reaktor, Antti Mäkelä, is starting as a Chairman of TRACTR’s Board of Directors.

TRACTR is founded by real estate professionals who have wide experience in service architecture, real estate development and consultation. The aim of the company is to bring about substantial change within the real estate business by optimizing the use of space e.g. in universities, schools and business parks.

“At the moment, there is too much well-functioning, well-located space standing empty. For example, the utilization rate of offices is 40–50% during office hours and even less in the higher education sector, points out Antti Mäkelä, the co-founder of Reaktor. “Taking into account that 40% of the global CO2-emissions are caused by construction, I think we can all agree that there’s a problem that needs to be fixed”.

A new end-to-end product for optimizing space usage

TRACTR Ltd offers solutions to tackle the problem of empty office space, excessive construction and increasing CO2-emissions. The company has developed an end-to-end service which allows both space users and providers to take full advantage of being part of a wider network.

For example, when a company needs a working space ad hoc during daytime, the model created by TRACTR allows them to find a suitable space from the neighbouring properties. TRACTR provides not only the digital solutions but also analytics and design services and a marketplace for space providers.

“So far, there has been a lack of digital solutions for sharing space and the industry has suffered from an isolated mindset”, comments Antti Tuomela, CEO and Co-founder of TRACTR. “We at TRACTR have a track-record of creating more income for large space suppliers and less costs and a better user experience for space users.”

Strategic partnership brings many benefits

The CEO and Co-founder of TRACTR, Antti Tuomela, believes that Reaktor’s wide office network supports the company’s goal to scale up the technology quickly and go operational in all continents.

“We have had a successful proof of concept phase in Finland with the biggest cities, universities and real estate owners”, Tuomela argues. “Reaktor will increase our capability remarkably to serve large cities and real estate owners abroad“.

Antti Mäkelä is also convinced that TRACTR’s unique knowledge and competence makes a perfect match with the expertise of Reaktor. “Strategic partnership with TRACTR brings new business opportunities in proptech and in the real estate sector for both companies”, he comments.

“The real estate sector is the biggest industry by many indicators. However, at the same time it’s one of the least digitalized and local industries. We believe that TRACTR has the right business model and the team to change the real estate industry and potential to scale up fast internationally.”


TRACTR Ltd. is owned by its founding members and Halton Group. Reaktor will become a minority shareholder in the end of November 2019. The co-founders Antti Tuomela, current Chairman, will start as a CEO and Anssi Salonen, current CEO, as the COO of the company from the beginning of December.

About Reaktor

Reaktor is a global strategy, design and engineering firm offering a wide range of digital products and services. Founded in Finland in 2000, Reaktor now employs 550 people with offices in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Dubai. Reaktor believes in swift creation, through small highly skilled, curious teams. A proven ability to exploit technology from AI to satellites, has led Reaktor to work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, building a proud legacy of award winning innovation.


Antti Tuomela, CEO of TRACTR Ltd, +358 407194007