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Spacent team · Jul 1st 2024

Top 5 Coolest Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to many large companies, and new startups are born every day. As their requirements for office space change, there is a need to accommodate these changes. Having a large fixed office is expensive and inefficient, leading to the rise of a vibrant market for shared, flexible office spaces. 

So, how do all these coworking spaces differentiate from each other? They have differentiated themselves based on services, design, ambiance, community and networking options, amenities and services, location and accessibility, and sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

How do I know which one is good? Often, the best way to find out is to try. To get you started, we have listed 5 cool coworking spaces with unique features and characteristics. Some of these coworking spaces might end up on Spacent listings, so watch this space! All coworking spaces in the Spacent network can be booked with no limits with a Coworking Pass. We have a free trial available so why not give it a go!


B.Amsterdam is a rather unusual coworking space and they call themselves a city inside a city. It has been established in an old abandoned office building and has given the old building a new life. B.Amsterdam offers all the amenities imaginable and more with its rooftop restaurant, coding school, and padel court. There is a very active community that hosts a variety of events from training sessions to technological meetups. 


Zoku is a new kind of business hotel that caters to business travelers who might stay in the city for a few days to a few months. It offers a place to work and live right in the heart of the city. They have a beautiful rooftop coworking space and while getting work done you can enjoy the views of the city. Accommodation options are spacious and fully equipped with a kitchen. 


BounceSpace is established in an old and fully restored factory building to give it a unique atmosphere. Entrance is through a bustling ground floor space where there is a hair salon, coffee bar and the gym. The clientele here is a mix of freelancers, startups and enterprises. There is a choice of personal desks and flexible working spaces and they also have meeting rooms available to cater the needs of up to 32 people. 

Hackers & Founders

As the name suggests this place caters for the technology entrepreneurs, programmers and developers. Many tech startups are using it as their base and they have a strong community revolving around anything to do with tech. Hackers & Founders also has meeting rooms, dedicated desks and kitchen access available for their members. Naturally they also have incredibly fast internet available and sometimes you might find a barbeque going on in the garden. 

Fosbury and Sons

Fosbury and Sons have taken a different approach to their decor and rely on a more traditional approach with calm colors and interiors. They have elegantly decorated office spaces where you can get the important work done and then relax in their restaurant and enjoy a meal or a drink. They offer front desk and mail handling services and even a local event manager is available to help with corporate events if required. 

Why does Amsterdam have a thriving coworking scene? 

Work has been constantly evolving and this has recently been boosted by global events and trends. Bigger portion of the work can be done remotely and companies have become more flexible in their policies. 

These are some of the reasons why the number of remote workers and digital nomads has been on the rise. Previously, occasional work emails could have been sent from a coffee shop, but now the demand for coworking spaces with more amenities and services has grown significantly. A good coworking space will offer space for team work and private phone calls, for example. 

People using co-working spaces also appreciate the option to avoid commuting to the head office and the opportunities for networking as working from home can be lonely and not everyone has ample space to set up their workstation. For companies flexibility and cost-effectiveness are key drivers to provide access to co-working spaces for their employees.