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Mindpark Lund

Bytaregatan 4d, 222 22 Lund

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Opening hours
Må - Fr 8.00 - 16.00

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Mindpark Lund is located in the city center, close to the Central Station. Here you find a coworking space divided into different buildings around an alley, creating a creative cluster of companies and entrepreneurs. In the middle of the alley, you’ll find our lounge with great coffee, smaller meeting rooms, and event space.


Mindpark Lund is easily reachable by public transportation. The Central station is only 4 minute walk away.

  • Bemannad reception
  • Förbättrad städning
  • Handsprit
  • Kaffe och te
  • On-site Café
  • Print / Scan / Kopiering
  • Skåp
  • Telefonbås
  • Tillgänglighetsanpassat
  • Wi-Fi