Coworking spaces in Poland

Join our waitlist and be among the first to get access to all the best coworking spaces in multiple Polish cities – all with one coworking membership that you can share with your coworkers.

The Spacent Coworking Pass offers the convenience of accessing numerous coworking spaces in various cities and countries in Europe. This is all achievable through a single app, and at the price one would usually pay for just one coworking space. Our members, ranging from influencers to large enterprises, with over 240 coworking spaces available in 77 across 19 – and our network is continuously growing!

If you want to work from coworking spaces in cities like Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław, or if your company wants to support remote workers with access to their closest coworking space, join our waitlist and get early access to use the Spacent Coworking Pass as our network of coworking spaces expands to different cities in Poland.

Coworking spaces in Poland

Coworking in Warsaw

Check out all the available coworking spaces in Warsaw that are available through Spacent!

Coworking in Kraków

No space partners available. Join the waitlist and tip us of your favourite coworking space!

Coworking in Wrocław

No space partners available. Join the waitlist and tip us of your favourite coworking space!

“I used to be a client of two different coworking locations. However, I noticed soon that two locations was not enough when I started to have clients all around the city. With Spacent, I’m able to find a space to focus on my work near my clients. As a freelancer, I have been extremely happy with Spacent.”

- Roope Muhonen, Founder of Baboon

Who and where we are

Spacent is a Nordic startup aiming to change the world by disrupting the way people think about the space where they work. Our vision is to achieve the most sustainable use possible of the space we have already built.

We use streaming service logic to office spaces. That is the reason why we are more affordable, flexible and versatile than normal coworking memberships or renting offices. Our clients, ranging from freelancers to international enterprises, will have one fixed cost subscription and the spaces can be used when and wherever, as much as you need.

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