Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam

We are now live in Amsterdam! Download our app and be among the first to work from all the best coworking spaces in Amsterdam with just one service. Free trial available!

With Spacent Coworking Pass you can work from multiple coworking spaces in several cities and countries across Europe – all with just one app and with a price of what it usually costs to use just one coworking space. Our members can use over 240 coworking spaces in 77 cities and 19 countries – and the network is expanding!

We are currently looking into launching the service in new European cities. Download our app and you will get early access to our platform as we keep adding new locations for coworking spaces in Amsterdam!

Getting started with Spacent

Getting to know Spacent is super easy. This is how you do it!

1. Start your free trial

Download the Spacent app and start your personal free 3-day trial or tip your employer on a team trial. If your employer has offered you a Spacent Coworking Pass, you can sign in with your work email.

2. Book a workspace

Book a space for your self or your team anywhere, anytime. We always show up-to-date availability in our desks, meeting rooms and private offices.

3. Invite your colleagues

Let your colleagues know where you are going or invite them. Find your colleagues and filter spaces based on colleague attendance.

4. Arrive and enjoy!

After making making a booking, you’ll receive arrival information and instructions to check-in.

Enjoy the services and benefits of our locations and make the most out of excellent working environments!

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"Others concentrate best at home and others feed their creativity by going to a new space. Some feel that RELEX office is the best place to work. It’s not important to us, where you do your work. What is important though, is that our employees enjoy their workspace and feel good.“

- Tiia Rapeli, HR Director at RELEX

Who and where we are?

Spacent is a Nordic startup aiming to change the world by disrupting the way people think about the space where they work. Our vision is to achieve the most sustainable use possible of the space we have already built.

We use streaming service logic to office spaces. That is the reason why we are more affordable, flexible and versatile than normal coworking memberships or renting offices. Our clients, ranging from freelancers to international enterprises, will have one fixed cost subscription and the spaces can be used when and wherever, as much as you need.

Want to learn more? We’re happy to chat and help!