Meclu Business Baana coworking space is now open!

Work from the space for free for June. Book your seat directly from the app.

Welcome to the new inspiring coworking space in Meclu Business Baana

The newly furnished second floor of Meclu Business Baana is now open exclusively for Spacent Members! The space features a spacious open area with a variety of workstation options and two phone booths. You’ll also have access to the common areas including the kitchen and sofas. And don’t forget to try out the relaxing massage chair at the back after a hard day of work!

Are you getting tired of working from home? Or do you just need a change of scenery? Here is the perfect solution for both: move your workstation to Meclu Business Baana!

How do I get there?

Meclu Business Baana is easy to reach by any kind of transportation: metro, tram, walking, bike, train, bus, car or even a boat.

The closest metro station, Ruoholahti is 350 meters away, trams 6, 8 and 9 have a stop just around the corner, and the bike route Baana goes right besides the building. If you come by train, bus or or even a boat, we are only 1.5 km from the Central Railway Station, 1 km from Kamppi and 1.5 km from the West Terminal.

Check-in at the lobby and you’ll be guided into the coworking space located on the 2nd floor.

Want to try it? Yeah, we thought so.

Spacent celebrates the opening of Meclu Business Baana by welcoming everyone to work from there for free during the June!

To get access to Meclu Business Baana just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Download the Spacent App
  2. Register and choose to continue with a Free plan
  3. Search for the Meclu Business Baana in Find Space
  4. Create a booking for the desired date


Working from Meclu is completely free, and you can visit the space as many times as you like.

If you already have a Spacent Coworking Pass, you can use Meclu Business Baana as all of the other coworking locations in the Spacent App.

Want to use all of the coworking spaces in our network?

Read more of our coworking passes and how to start a three-day free trial to try them all.

Tip your employer!

Did you know that in today’s hybrid work environment, Spacent is an appreciated benefit, often provided to employees by the companies. If you would like to have Meclu Business Baana as an option for your workdays, along the other 120 locations, you can download “6 reasons to use Spacent” for your employer below or tip us directly to

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