Avia Club coworking space is now open!

Work from the space for free for September and October. Book your seat directly from the app.


Avia Club is a novel solution for the changing demands of working life: flexible business spaces which will always adapt to your needs – a way to keep the employees happy, never paying for undue services again. Avia Pilot has excellent traffic connections, and it is located within walking distance from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.’

Avia Pilot
Avia Pilot is a classy office tower that can stand the test of time. This building that serves as the airport landmark is located in the best thinkable place with regard to traffic connections to virtually any destination in Finland. The tenants of the building make a diverse business community that creates numerous business and networking opportunities in the house alone, not to talk about Finland’s fastest growing business community established in the entire area.
Service paradise
A quick lunch, a check-up at the company health-care station or a haircut later in the day; whatever you wish, you can be sure to get it from the generous offering of local services available at the airport. Everything you can imagine is within 1km.
Where is this?

Avia Club can be found near Helsinki-Vantaa airport on Lentäjänkatu 3. You can get there by train, several buses, car and obviously by plane.

Surely it sounds great?

Spacent celebrates the opening of Avia Club in Vantaa by welcoming everyone who wants to work from there for free throughout September and October!


To gain access to Avia Club in Vantaa – follow these steps:


  1. Download the Spacent App
  2. Register
  3. Search for Avia Club
  4. Create a booking for the desired date and time.

Working from Avia Club is completely free during September and October and you can work from there as often as you want during this time.

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Did you know that in today’s hybrid work environment, Spacent is an appreciated benefit, often provided to employees by the companies. If you would like to have Avia Club as an option for your workdays, along the other 120 locations, you can download “6 reasons to use Spacent” for your employer below or tip us directly to hello@spacent.com.

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