• Spacent team

Wider opening hours and ergonomic workspaces now available with our new partner Kotikonttorissa!

Kotikonttorissa locations are now available in the Spacent platform, offering Spacent users wide opening hours and modern office environments in Helsinki. Kotikonttori locations in Katajanokka, Arabianranta, Kallio, Jätkäsaari and Herttoniemi are a great addition to the network in Helsinki and grows the network of workstations in Helsinki Metropolitan area to 31 locations in total!

Kotikonttorissa facilities are a great solution for remote working, and why we are especially excited about this partnership is that the workspaces have been developed to housing buildings. Joint spaces for residents are often underutilized and are excited to see a development towards a concept providing real added value to the residents in those areas with workspaces for remote work.

All Kotikonttorissa facilities are conveniently accessible by bus, metro or even a bike. Kotikonttorissa locations are open from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and from 8pm to 4pm on weekends.

Take a closer look on each of the locations on our locations page to learn more about a specific location and the amenities they offer!