TRACTR Network model

TRACTR Network Model is built to create an adaptive marketplace for shared space resources. Instead of focusing on solutions for individual buildings or independent users of the buildings, we use an AI-guided discovery process to find and optimize the benefits of using a network of shared spaces. 

Traditionally resources are acquired or arranged within a single building. Network model focuses on effectiveness and access both internal and external resources. Resource network is planned on a system level (platform) and resources shared between different functions in different locations. This resource sharing makes it an adaptive network. Adaptiveness lowers the risks of owners and users, as the network enables flexibility based on the chasing needs.

"Network model focuses on effectiveness and access both internal and external resources."

Simulations for Network Planning

How can my organisation benefit from the network? We'll create an optimised and tailored network as a part of your workplace solution.



Give your employees the benefit of flexible working — anywhere, anytime. Make the whole city your office, without long term commitments.

Network Resource Management

Gather data and insights of space usage and workforce mobility to improve workplace strategy. Adapt to changing environments.

Interested in listing your space or joining the network?

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