Spacent combines your own office resources and 
on-demand workspaces to a seamless workplace solution for your employees - supporting productivity and freedom of choice.

We Have a Mission

We want to explore space, but this journey doesn’t need a rocketship. We are aiming to change the planet we already live on, by creating more efficient and sustainable use of the space we have already built.


If you have ever wondered what happens in empty offices, or what could you do with the time spent commuting, or how can a city become more sustainable, then Spacent is for you. Our unique technology is designed to solve these problems.


Exploring space is easy with Spacent, anytime, anywhere.

After the pandemic forced us to work remotely, 70 % of the employees want a hybrid model in the future as well. How are you going to support your employees in finding the balance between office and remote work? What is your company's vision of the hybrid workplace?

Find answers to these questions and learn more of the technologies enabling hybrid workplaces from Spacent's report Technology supporting post-pandemic workplace.

Technology supporting post-pandemic work

Future of Office

We offer hybrid workplace solutions to empower people, planet and productivity.

Save time

Find space wherever you need it and make better use of commuting and travel time.

Empower teams

Flexible booking of desks and meeting rooms when you need them for individuals or teams.

Efficient use of space

The most efficient and sustainable use of office space is better for the planet.

Problems We Help to Solve

In need of flexible workspaces or looking for a solution for empty office space?

My team is looking for new workplace solution. What kind of workspaces can my company use with Spacent membership?

Spacent App allows you to search, find and book desks and meeting rooms all around the city, with only one membership fee. In addition, an existing company headquarters can be added as a workplace location for the company's employees to book.

The local co-working operator offers multiple locations to our employees. How is Spacent different?

Our mission is to bring all workspace providers and operators available to you and your team. This means not just locations of one co-working operator, but all of them.

Our company has a headquarters with a long contract that can't be cancelled. How to best utilise the empty space?

Spacent offers a network of workspaces and your office can be part of the solution. Instead of having empty space just lying around, offer it to the users of Spacent - and get easy income by doing it.

Learn more of Spacent Membership to find how it could make your everyday work easier.

If you’ve got any other questions about hybrid workplace solutions, or you want to find out more, please get in touch and one of the team will help you with whatever you need. 

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We Have a Goal

Spacent is a Helsinki based prop-tech company with some big dreams. Our goal is to bring the hybrid workplace solutions to every company in every city in the world.


Our purpose is to transform how we use cities for the good of people, planet and productivity. We believe that the biggest impact we can have on our lives and on our planet is to find more efficient and sustainable ways to use the space that we have already built. So we designed our technology to do just that. 


10 years of research into distributed workplace models and methods sits behind an easy to use app and flexible membership options to suit every need.

And this is just the beginning.

Creating future workspaces with


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