Smartvillage @ HTC Waterfront

Keilaranta 15b, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Opening hours may differ - check exact hours from the location website or Spacent App.

Smartvillage is a multifunctional event house where you can experience lively workshops, run design sprints and kick-off your season. Smartvillage is in the HTC Waterfront -building. Enter the building through the A-lobby to find smartvillage on the left-hand side on the 2nd floor of the B-tower.

Closest bus stops: Otaniemensilta and Keilaranta (100 meters).

Closest metro station: Keilaniemi (350 meters).

HTC Waterfront has 2-hour visitor parking spaces. For a longer parking permit, please give the lobby service the number plate of your car and let them know you are visiting smartvillage. Coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks are served all day (included in the price). There is also a café and lunch restaurant in HTC Waterfront.

With Spacent you’ll get access to the free Wi-Fi, open desk areas, phone booths and free coffee and tea throughout the day.


  • Hosted reception

  • Accessible

  • Coffee and tea

  • Wi-Fi

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Extra cleaning

  • On-site cafe

  • On-site restaurant

Available for extra cost: