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We are expanding our flexible office space network to Greater Toronto Area in the summer 2021! We are excited to launch our end-to-end workplace solutions in Canada - to support you on every step of the way towards a hybrid workplace. Our network of shared workspaces and co-working spaces will enable our members to work wherever, whenever.

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About Spacent

Spacent is a Finnish prop-tech company offering solutions to revolutionise the way we use spaces. 

Hybrid Workplace with Spacent is flexible, sustainable and efficient - enabling your employees to work efficiently, combining your fixed office resources and on-demand workspaces. With Spacent Memberships the city is your office.

For Hosts Spacent offers a cutting edge technology to lift the burden of heavy management of shared spaces. List your spaces quick and easy in Spacent Platform, which can be integrated with a variety of booking systems. If you don't have one, we provide you with one - we guarantee a superb user experience through our management tools. 

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